Mental Health

Journey to the Light

When your mind feels dark, heavy, and clouded
That is depression.
When your mouth speaks so slowly no words come out,
That is depression.
When your heart is so heavy it lets out a storm of tears,
That is depression.
When your body feels like it’s been run over by a truck,
That, my friend, is also depression.
When your appetite goes from nothing to extreme,
When your lungs tell you to let it all out and scream,
When your legs refuse to walk in the morning,
When you wish it would all just end
When you feel guilty for existing,
Shameful for resisting
The help you wish was there.
The support network that would actually care.
The person who stands beside you,
Where are they for you?
You have nobody you can turn to.
Isolation prevents the desperation
Of seeking true validation
From those who can’t give you any.
Hiding from your fears
Only ends up wasting years
Of your life that isn’t being lived.
Life that doesn’t feel like a gift.
Life that resembles hell,
Where you’re living
But you’re actually dying inside.
The mask you wear on the outside?
It’s not real;
It doesn’t know how to feel.
Take the mask off.
Let your guard down.
Show everyone around you
That solemn frown.
This is you
At the moment this way.
You are sad,
You are depressed,
And that is okay.
It is okay
To not feel okay,
They say that one day,
Things will never be this way.
Keep being a fighter
And the light will shine down.
You will find the support.
You will find your person.
You will find the hope that tells you
Life is worth living.
When you come out of the darkness
You will see
A whole new world is waiting to be.
The world is yours to create,
It could be terrible or really great.
It’s yours to decide,
It’s time you choose how.
Take a journey to the light,
Embrace the you you are now.

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by maguireke

My greatest passion in life is advocating for mental health. After living through depression, anxiety, and traumatic events in my life, I understand firsthand the pain and suffering that comes along with mental illness, and how it is rarely discussed throughout our society. My goal here is to shed some light on mental illness and work on smashing the stigma we have carried all too long. Thankfully, I am now in recovery for my mental illnesses and I hope to inspire and encourage others to seek treatment and find their light at the end of the tunnel.

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