<span;>We are not brought into the world broken, something along the way breaks us , it twists and misplaces the good bonds that hold our very fabric together , call it trauma or life it breaks us , but we dont have to remain broken , we can fix ourselves,( not all the way we found a cure fixed ),  we have the responsibility to make sure we grow up more intuitive,  morally conscious and introspective than the environment we grew up in.

<span;>I dont think everyone gets that, that growth is a process , learning isn’t linear based on a curated system , that consistently learning and   unlearning is a pursuit to something that we haven’t unlocked in ourselves almost like a game with a different trophy trove at each level , learning doesn’t always mean  sitting down and studying mundane terminology with a ridiculous 2 hour exam at the end of the road , it can even look like learning how to make jam to district yourself and or maybe how to make your door stop squeaking,  the accumulation of knowledge is not linear , it’s not easy , it’s the acknowledgement that something needs to be fed , pointing out the uncomfortable truth and diligently working towards that truth whatever it may look like for you.

<span;> Sometimes I think we break to learn, I dont mean the heavy shit that leaves trauma that needs to be unpacked over the course of years and years that’s a discussion for another day that, I am perfectly not at all ready to unpack. I mean the mundane things that habitually become a problem like  procrastination and failure to self-introspect, and attributes we chalk up to just being the way we were raised. I am not sure what it takes to unlearn and relearn all that disrupts our new image , I am not even sure we can fully be fixed but I think the trial and errors , the willingness to allow yourself to do something even if you fail from it or learn half of it is better than the wonderment that results from not even trying. I think if there is a god then we are mice in a lab running through all the trials so that the next batch is better than the last.

<span;>Not forever and certainly not for everyone willing to put themselves through those hurdles. But maybe and hopefully for the mice willingly thrusting forward towards the uncomfortable stuff. Willing to really reach into their inner selves and shake themselves awake.


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