June Tarot + Animal Collective Reading

The Hanged Man + Spider Spirit

Well this is some juicy energy, my friends, and I can’t say I’m mad about it.

I’m not sure where you are globally in your social re-entry after quarantine phases, but if you’re anything like me it’s a little slower than you’d like. I don’t do well with too much slowness, and I am very ready to get back to how things ran pre-quarantine. Ready to go back to my work as I would normally do it; to go back to restaurants and movie theatres and coffee shops; to go back to life as I knew it before.

But this is where the Hanged Man comes in and reminds us of the ongoing need to embrace stillness and lean into surrender. Because we know there is an ongoing need for caution, and we know that there will be a new normal after all this is said and done. These things are going to take time to unfold and unravel, and we simply can’t rush the process.

And so, we are called to sit in this place of inaction for a little longer. For some of us it may not feel comfortable, but surrender to the discomfort, lean closer into it and learn from it can impart. The dharma is changing, and we must use this period wisely to change along with it.

Spider supports us here through this period of surrender and ongoing stillness, because Spider calls us into purposeful intention and meaning. As dharma changes, so too do our callings and purpose along this journey. In Her moment of quiet thought and reflection, Spider can look at the silky strands of her home and recall each and every affirmation, intention and calling she weaved into her web. She has been deliberate in these acts, and now too shall we.

Sit with the surrender of the Hanged Man this month, and know that you are being suspended from the very threads of your own web. It is Spider guiding you toward deliberate and intentional reflection and calling you into some subtle web weaving as you do so. Hang with her and understand the newly forming dharma that is being presented to you. Change is difficult, but for now we wait it out and do our best to intentionally understand our part within the wider threads of this web.

by Kim

Kim is a social worker, writer and intuitive reader. She has used the tarot to reconnect with her spirituality and engage in deep self-healing. She hopes to lead others to do the same. Kim is an advocate for mental health, wellness and authenticity. By day she works as a social worker in an educational setting; by night she reads tarot, makes magic, and cuddles her dogs.

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