keep fighting
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Keep fighting

Just when you think you keep fighting

you should give up on yourself

because you can no longer

recognize the reflection in the mirror

with the sad and empty eyes

and the joyless smile,

Just when you think you will never see the light

pouring through the darkness

surrounding your heart,

That is the moment to keep fighting.

That is the moment to keep holding on to hope.

You are already resilient

because you have walked this far.

And though you do not feel strong or worthy,

Those feelings do not change the truth.

You will get through

You will overcome-

again and again.

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by esthergonzales75

I am a New Jersey based poet who aspires to share my story through poetry and prose focused on faith and my journey with depression. I have overcome many obstacles and I believe everyone has a story to tell, even if they haven't found the words yet. I hope my words can inspire others to believe in their purpose and to find strength to climb the next mountain.

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