Keep Your Eyes Focus On Me

Keep Your Eyes Focus On Me

Don’t look back at the drama…

Don’t look back at the mess…

Don’t look back at what it could have been because it’s not there anymore.

Don’t look back, it only causes more pain but move forward.

Move forward to the future,

Move forward to great ideas,

Move forward to a new life,

Move forward to a new relationship,

Move forward to a new place

Don’t look back, just move forward!!!

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by BeautifulRosa

Hello my name is Rene' Trevillion and I am a mother of three grown children. I am 48 years old and was raise up as a kid in Lincoln Nebraska, The winter time is the most enjoyable moment of my life. I get the opportunity to drink more coffee and tea with love ones. I love reading and writing inspirational words to help me along my journey. I like creative ideas, entertaining people and bringing hope and joy to individual lives.

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