Keeping Your Kids Healthy Throughout Their Teenage Years

Teenage years are famously known as the rebellious years and the time when your kids may go a bit crazy in various aspects of their life. This could be through their decisions with their appearance, their behaviour at school, or through generally just wanting to experiment. Although you should let them find their feet and not take too much control over their life, you should also make sure they aren’t doing anything that will have lasting negative consequences. If you want to ensure optimum health throughout your child’s teen years, here are a couple of ways you can do so!  

Take Regular Trips to the Dentist

Keeping your teenager’s teeth healthy is vital. Being a teenager is sometimes the first time when they can have their own sense of freedom, which often means they will go to the shops with friends and buy lots of treats. They also might start going to more social events which have unhealthy foods and fizzy drinks. Unlike when they are children and you have full control over what they do, you won’t know whether your kids are good at doing things such as brushing their teeth regularly if you aren’t watching over them all the time. 

So, it is extra important that you take them to visit a kids dentist regularly to make sure their teeth are still in good condition. If you don’t take them to the dentist and it turns out that they need some kind of dental work done, such as a filling, this can end up costing you quite a bit and mean they have long lasting tooth decay or damage. Check out this dentist in Brisbane if you are looking for a new dentist to make sure you and your kid’s teeth are healthy. Pure Dentistry, an experienced dentist in Brisbane, can treat both adults and children, so you can do all your dentist trips in one. This will keep your teen’s teeth healthy for life! 

Encourage Them to Play Sport 

If you encourage your children to play a sport throughout their teenage years, this can be really beneficial for both their mental health and their physical health. According to Dr Soha Sharif a Kids Dentist in Brisbane, Mouthguards are required when doing contact sports. Playing a sport and having something to stick to is great for boosting their drive and motivation, and it is healthy to have something to do outside of their academic studies. This will also teach them to be a more rounded person and have different social groups for different things. When they are younger, encourage them to try out a range of sports so that they can see what kind of thing they enjoy before deciding to settle on one. If you are supportive, it is very likely that they will thrive and want to carry on playing the sport. It is also good to let them try out both team sports and solo sports; some people don’t like playing as a team but do really well by themselves.

Cook with Them

Cooking with your teenagers is great for their health. This will teach them to cook healthy recipes and will enlarge their skill set, so they will be able to fend for themselves better if they are ever home alone. If you try and teach them the importance of healthy eating, leading by example and making healthy food taste good, they won’t have the temptation to develop unhealthy habits so much. Teach them a range of recipes that they could even cook for their friends if they ever want to host a dinner party. 

Make Sure They’re Organising Their Time Well 

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and, as responsibility is stepped up during their teenage years, this can be quite a stressful time. You need to be there for them as much as possible if they do get stressed out, and you should try and alleviate this stress wherever possible. It is also partly your job to teach them healthy habits such as going to bed at a reasonable time, getting their tasks done before having free time, as well as taking time off to relax. This will set them up well for future life both within and outside of school – they will be able to succeed academically without having too much pressure on their plate. If they are ever falling behind, try to support them rather than punishing them as this can be completely demotivating and will make them feel alienated. 

Teenage years are a strange time, but if your children are supported throughout them, this can also be a time for amazing fun memories to be made and new experiences to be had. Take these tips on board, but try and act as your teenager’s friend as well as their parent so that they feel fully comfortable with you. 

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