A warm, everlasting wash over your soul

It goes deeper than skin, deeper than the deepest hole.


When you choose to use kindness,

It’s a weapon of good

A way to make misfits feel understood


When you wake up and choose kindness

And choose to use light 

You may help someone out of their never-ending night.


When your heart chooses kindness

You walk a little lighter, talk a little brighter

You go home and hug your loved ones a little bit tighter. 


When you relish in kindness

Food starts tasting sweeter

And life becomes a song, every heartbeat in meter. 



It lasts until your last breath, it’s so very addicting

To validate the feelings that people are depicting. 


Leading with kindness

Makes every party a ball

The living embodiment of freedom for all.


It fills my soul with nourishment

It makes my bones ache-free

Each day I choose kindness

And kindness chooses me.

by Cayleemadison

21 year old aspiring poet from small town Ohio; I care a lot & feel a lot.

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