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Kitchens & Color: The Art of Setting Up a Masterpiece

Though the kitchen is a center of high functionality, it’s also home to some of life’s most endearing moments. So despite the need for function, its form matters more than we often give it credit for. The kitchen is a canvas for your lifetime collection of moments and memories, so consider the daily life of your kitchen and visualize the masterpiece you can create.

Color Sets the Tone

Perhaps you’ve made color statements in other areas of your home, but your kitchen remains drab and uninspiring. Your kitchen shouldn’t be excluded from your home’s personality, but there are reasons it often is. Kitchens must be scrupulously clean, of course, which is why white prevails as acceptable kitchen color.

White is crisp, it’s immaculate, and when done artfully, a white kitchen can be just as inspiring as one soaked in lush shades of tangerine or bright, sparkly lemon. But if your heart sinks every time you walk into your kitchen, then a shot of bold color, maybe what’s missing. In fact, maybe a floor-to-ceiling drenching is what’s called for.

Some of the most popular colors for kitchens right now are expressive and vibrant, just like the people who inhabit them. Take into account the color or grain of your cabinetry, countertops, appliances, and flooring—but if you’re going for a head-to-toe redo, you can transform every detail, from the baseboards to the lighting and everything in between.

Citrusy Yellows and Greens: Sunny and Energetic

Yellows and greens evoke a ray of sunshine, naturally clean, and eco-everything. If you love nature, this palette will have an energizing effect every time you are in the room.

Every Shade of Blue: Cool, Timeless, Elegance

Blue is the “little black dress” of the home décor color wheel. How many colors can pull off the refinement of a very formal space as easily as it can serve as the signature shade for casual beach living? Popular hues today are reminiscent of the sea palette, with aquamarine being a current favorite accent.

Oranges, Reds, Greens: Comfort Food

The harvest palette is as soothing as a slice of warm pumpkin pie on your plate. We’re not suggesting harvest gold of the 1970s, but muted, rustic, organic flavors. Yes, flavors. Picture a fall garden.

Edgy Industrial Style: Stainless

Granite plus stainless steel plus wood? You bet. If color really isn’t your thing, stainless and granite (or travertine or quartz) make beautiful kitchen partners. Color may be added or removed at will with accessories, dishes, and other accents.

Some Sage Advice: Not the Color, But the Wisdom of Experience

When making over your kitchen, there are many elements you can incorporate to enhance the transformation without a wrecking ball. Cabinetry pulls, molding, beadboard, a showpiece vintage appliance, pendant lighting… all of these elements can provide a high-impact visual attitude. Even a two-toned color scheme can generate visual bang.

Just be careful that you don’t become a cautionary tale of mismatched kitchen elements. Consult, consult, consult. Talk to the professionals at your home improvement store, local contractors, and an interior decorator to make sure your best-laid plans will play out visually as you expect them to.

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