You threw a knot in my neck
When you pulled my hair in passion
It swelled like lungs filled with air
And pupils crossed with the light
Of your gaze
It was warm long after the bed
Was made cold by your absence
The way you said my name
A ray of sunshine
Making its way across my skin
The way you reach for me
Whenever you’re near
Why can’t I keep my hands off you
You ask me
I don’t know but I
Wouldn’t have it any other way
You stretch my neck gently
How did that happen
You ask me
I spend the rest of the day
Trying to work it out of my muscle
I couldn’t tell you
It was probably all the unasked questions
And unaddressed feeling
That had mounted together
I didn’t tell you
It was probably the love I didn’t speak
You are not one for musings
You are not one to dive into
My subjectivity
You are often black and white
Where I am an endless cloudy sky
With a rainbow peeking through
I could wrap myself around you
And keep you in
My cave of color for days
The pleasure you whisper in my ear
Both lullaby and
Waking call
The world turning to dust outside
Me, no cares or concerns
Us, mixing scents together
Sandalwood burns in the corner
The air is as pure
As we will ever be

by Anapio

American born to Brazilian parents who made sure I knew where I came from. Returned to the US after 13 years living by the equator and struggled to adapt to the cold -- in the weather and in the way people relate to each other. A storyteller striving to voice my perceptions of culture, love, life, and community through words.

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