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Today was a good day. I’ve learned to recognize that even in the aftermath of anxiety attacks. Yep. I experience crippling almost life-threatening  anxiety pretty regularly. Otherwise I’m generally pretty happy with my life. I recently published my 3rd book. I have a fitness routine that basically allows me to eat whatever I want. I love my body. And I’m in love.

Don’t compare or despair just yet.

RULE #1: NEVER EVER compare you life with someone else’s. You’ll always sell yourself short.

It took me a very long time to realize that in this world I have to sometimes be my own cheerleader. And if cheering for yourself is something new it doesn’t help if you’re also teaching yourself self-doubt.

   RULE #2: When self-teaching, only one lesson at a time. And choose wisely.

Now, about the books. Yes, I have completed a series I started last year which was another dream come true. But sales aren’t impressive.

RULE #3: Do what you love, the money will come. It may be quite uncomfortable for a while and the thought of selling-out to make better money will look like a greener pasture. However, one of my favorite adventures involved a small above-a-garage joint in a neighborhood called Fondren somewhere in the South that I could barely afford. Funny.

Regarding physique. It’s super tough not to compare and despair here.

RULE #4: Either do the work or shut up.

Harsh right? Well think about this — With every thing you have going on today, do you really have time to let Beth’s new boob job and perfect bum take up space in your mind? If yes, congrats. But if you’re busy like me, it seems to only add to the stress I’m already experiencing.

SOLUTION: Every time you see Beth, say something nice. I can almost guarantee you she’s unhappy. lol. And as far as your own body goes, I literally do a 5-10 minute workout routine every day. I increase the numbers when I feel I need to push a little farther. And I’m not gonna lie, because of my diligence and constancy regarding exercise, my body is freaking amazeballs and I fall in love with it in a new way almost everyday.

Next up: LOVE

I spent much of last month trying to recall actually what it is and trying to find successful and suitable methods of application. More recently however, my anxiety tends to create more distance in my relationships than bringing people closer. I’m unabashed in my honesty, no secrets. Yet being involved on any level with someone who either applies love differently or is incapable of aiding me in those anxious moments can be tough. It’s an invariable back and forth; and it’s not always fun. What I do find is this, even after arguments or fights: progress with self, coupled with compassion leads to greater understanding on both parts. Constancy not being the issue.

So, there. Blankly, my life looks perfect on paper. I’ve not been hired for jobs because I seem too good to be true. lol. However, life is meant to lived and the key to enjoying ANY part of it is knowing yourself, knowing your worth, and not comparing yourself to anyone else.



Author: Katherine Elizabeth Day
Email: info.kbondee@gmail.com
Author Bio: Katherine, an artist and apparently the literary pioneer of the new frontier of the American short story is a former Manhattan-ite now calmly living in Queens. She is  native to the South and has been featured in and written for many publications online and print. We sought her out and invited her to join are team of contributors. Her goal is to (while living) attain her seat amongst America’s great southern  authors. Cheers!
Link to social media or website: http://www.instagram.com/kbondee/


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