Last Hug

I fell in love with you the moment I saw you and held you in my arms. I love you then and I love you now.

The baby in my arms had grown into a boy that with each passing day I’d grown to love more.

I celebrated each time you reached a milestone and was proud of everything you did.

You brought so much joy into my life with your smile, your laughter and the twinkle in your eyes.

You were so brave that even in your pain, you struggled to smile, laugh and be goofy just to keep my tears from falling.

Your voice that calls me “Ma!” was and will always be the sweetest sound to hear.

I used to feel your warmth spread through my whole being each time I held you in my arms, but tonight, your warmth is slowly dissipating with each struggled breath, making me feel like my life is sucked out of me, as well.

One day you were mine and now you’re gone.

The boy that I bore in my womb and carried in my arms, now I can only hold in my heart.

Thank you, my son, for choosing me to be your mom, to breathe your first and last in my arms.

I love you, my baby, now and forever.

Sleep well, my baby, my love, my all.

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by Penchie Limbo

I'm Penchie from the Philippines, and I'm passionate about writing. Anything that sparks joy, hope, and inspiration goes into my writing. I enjoy quiet moments, a cup of coffee alone or with friends or loved ones. Eating out or at home is my family's choice of bonding moment.

I try do small things with great love so that everything I do gives honor and glory to God.


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