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Last Row On A Mini Plane

I was sitting a few rows behind a woman not much younger than me. She was dressed in a trendy brown skirt with a complimentary cream blouse. Her hair was dark brown and it looked blown out in a hurry. I admired her outfit and the fact she was wearing her hair down, because the thought of travelling in an airport exhausted me. I couldn’t imagine wearing anything other than jeans, a warm pullover and tennis shoes. My hair thrown up in a blonde bun.

The brown haired woman looked so relaxed on the plane. This was definitely routine for her. She must travel for work I concluded. As the flight attendant was making her rounds through the cabin before lift-off, the brown-haired beauty whipped out her iPhone Plus and threw in some earplugs.

Some of you may judge me for eavesdropping. Well judge right along because we’ve all been there. I could see the woman scrolling through her iPhone plus on Instagram, checking Facebook, switching to Snapchat, back to Instagram. She decided this would be an opportune time to take a photo of all of the passengers in front of her. The first shot wasn’t to her standards. She decided maybe raising the iPhone a little higher would get the perfect angle. No, that wasn’t quite right either. Maybe if she slid more into the aisle a centered picture would do the trick. Nope, she gives up, switches back to facebook but only for a few moments before switching back to Instagram. She had a great idea. Boomerang. A Boomerang would capture the very essence of the plane we were on. No, nope, that didn’t work. Seems a little awkward flashing back to the seat in front of you. She leans a little more into the aisle and snap. She got it. The picture she had been waiting for. I was three rows behind her and thought it looked exactly the same as the first 10 photos she tried to take, but hey, who am I to judge?

Now I was wondering what any other social media savvy person would be wondering, what is the caption going to be? In my head I thought, maybe she would say “Work Life”, “Columbus Bound”, something along those lines. Giving me even further insight into her career, life, where she lived or hell just where her final destination would be. She slowly starts typing in large white text.. “Last Row On A Mini Plane.” – Last row on a mini plane? What? My brain went wild. She isn’t in the last row – she’s 10 rows away from being in the last row which almost puts her in the center of the plane. How dare she! How could she lie to all of her friends and followers? Why would she lie? She quickly posts the photo to her instastory and puts her phone away.

Okay, maybe I am being a little dramatic, but the caption and the meaning really got me thinking. Last Row On A Mini Plane is a way better story than Middle Row On An Average Sized Plane. So it’s a white lie – pretending doesn’t hurt anyone, but I often wonder how many white lies we tell in a day. How many white lies do I see in social media from friends, family, movie stars? How many people are really leading the exciting lives they pretend to be leading? How many people are pretending to be okay – when they really aren’t okay?

Who are these white lies benefiting? Does it make us appear more interesting? Is it making someone else jealous? Are we seeking attention from someone or something? Is it validating something deep down inside of us that we don’t even know? What is the motive?

I don’t know what kind of world it would be if we all lived our truest selves, unashamed, uncensored, unafraid and without fear of rejection for the real life we life. I imagine some people would wear their hearts on their sleeve. Weep in broad daylight when life seemed heavy. Laugh big bountiful laughs at things that others may not find funny. Accept the boringness that is life along with those exciting times. Breathed, ate, experienced, without a phone in hand because life was so much more interesting through the lens of our eye than the lens of their phone.

How many white lies have I told? What are people’s perception of me?


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Ashley Drellishak



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