Little Black Dress

Why is my little black dress to blame for actions of people who cant seem to control their urges?

Why is it a crime to wear that little black dress that hugs my body and celebrates the form I was blessed with?

Why do you blame my little black dress for your inability to treat me with the respect I deserve?

Don’t blame it on the little black dress

It wasn’t an invitation
Or an implication that I wanted your attention

Don’t tell me you didn’t have a choice* & don’t dare say, “It was like you were begging me to have my way with you” (or that I was asking for it)

And don’t dare say, “What else did you expect from me, wearing that little black dress?



Author: Eduarda
Author Bio: I’m passionate about people, learning and photography. Writing is not a passion for me; it’s a way of life, it’s like breathing to me, it sets me free.
Link to social media or website: Instagram @edassembs




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