Song of Hope
Poetry & Art

Left Behind

She has a fear of falling

So she clips her own wings.

Expectations make their nest

In the chip between her shoulders,

Whispering false secrets,

Force feeding bite after bite

Of grief and monotony.

Black feathers swimming in the mud

Of her ancestors’ last breath,

Evermore earth-chained as she.

The crow mother inhales drudgery

And exhales death.

Silver crown long since lost

Forever in her yesterday,

A clay prison engulfs

First the eyes, then all at once

Unable to recall a life of motion.

Her daughter’s wings tickle the sky

As close to heaven as her

Crow mother’s soul to the earth. 

by joelladunn

A student at FAU pursuing a double major in Music and English and a dedicated believer in the power of words.

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