Following the untimely and devastating death of the legend, Kobe Bryant, this song* resonated with me more than ever. The song had me thinking about what it means to be legendary.


What does it mean to be legendary?

Legendary is the whole world celebrating your victories as if they are their own.

Legendary is achieving every goal you have set for yourself no matter the circumstances thrown your way in the process.

Legendary is being an influencer.

Legendary is overcoming adversity, gracefully.

Legendary is being a role model for those not even in your line of sight, career field, or country.

Legendary is being remarkable, and impactful.

Legendary is being known and loved, by someone who has never met you.

Legendary is being great, to everyone, and in everything.

Legendary is walking the line of human and superhero.

Legendary is shifting the feelings of the world postmortem.

Legendary is living forever because legends never die.

Are you on the journey to be legendary?

RIH NIP, Mamba, and Mambacita



*There is a song by Wale titled “Legendary.” This song came out on his album, “Ambition” in 2011. In the song, there is some explicit content in the lyrics. However, the gist is to forget fame, money, anything that anyone can take from you. It isn’t hard to make money, and that we should strive to be legendary. 

by hoodo

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