Lessons From The Garden: Letting Go Of “Good” For The Best


Sometimes God asks us to give up things in order for our attention to be fully on Him – to allow space for the work He is going to do in us, for the plans to unfold, and for our better good.

We often settle for the weeds but mistake them as flowers. We cannot imagine anything better than the weed that is grown. In our eyes, that weed is a gorgeous flower and we think “This is it! How could it be any better?” However, this tunnel vision and way of thinking can cause us to settle for just ok. To settle for good enough. It comes to all areas of life – locations, jobs, relationships, situations. We cling to what we see and trick ourselves into believing that the “weed” is God’s best.

But what happens when God says, “Sweet one, it is time to pull that weed up. Pull it up.” We look at the “beauty” before us and an inner conflict arises. In our minds, nothing can be better than what is before us. Why would we rip up something that we love? Something that we have cherished and chose to see the good in. Sometimes, we cannot imagine that God would have something better. We haven’t experienced it, therefore, how could we trust Him? We don’t know what His “best” looks like yet, and that is terrifying. To let go of what is known and trust that He will lead you to better.

The conflict within continues for some time. Fear creeps in but we need to remind ourselves of what is absolute truth.

God is good.

God is good to me.

God is good at being God.

As humans, we don’t have the ability to see what will happen or what could become. We are limited and at times, a fear can develop that has a crippling effect. It comes from the need of having to be in control and holding that pen to our stories. We want to be safe and thrive where we are… even if that means we settle. It’s scary to let go and let God have that pen to our stories. To trust that He has bigger and better planned for our lives.

I admit… I like control. I like to plan. I do not like big surprises. I like things to go my way and according to my agenda. Oh but MAN – that’s a restricting way to live. It’s a life of stress, anxiety, and tension. I miss out on the joys of life and the little ways Jesus is speaking to me. I miss out on simply being in His presence.

But when I release control and let go of my weeds, God moves in with such grace and love that it melts my worried heart. The gentleness of His touch brings me to my knees in thankfulness. Jesus, He will always provide.

It can be easy to let the doubt sneak in as you sit in your barren garden, waiting and trusting for something more beautiful to grow. But, dear one, take heart. When those lies start surfacing (& they will), call upon His name. He will wrap you in a peace that surpasses anything on this earth. He will calm your anxious soul and bring you to a rest that relies completely on Him. And it is in those moments, that He reveals more of who He is and who we are. He will satisfy every longing of your heart. He will fill you with a joy and wonder that seems to overflow from your soul. You start to see God in everything. He’s in the ice covering the trees. The smile from a child. The conversation over lunch, the stranger sitting next to you on the airplane. The gentle breeze across your face and the sun shining through the window. He is there. He says, “Trust me, sweet one. I have more in store for you. I will take you on a journey that will draw you closer to me and I will answer every prayer you’ve cried. I will be enough for you – now and forever. Trust me. With it all. Your dreams. Your fears. Your wants and desires. Your feelings and cravings. Surrender and watch me work. Trust that I know what is best and that I love you enough to give you the very best. Because I adore you, my child. My beloved. Simply trust.”

During this time, we become dependent on the Lord and thus, find our strength. An inner strength that comes from know who we are and who Created us. It’s an intimate relationship that produces a confidence not known to this world. As we grow, God is working and moving. Before we know it, a beautiful and exquisite garden blooms. The sight is overwhelming – the colors, textures, intricate details, the aroma. It brings tears to our eyes as we bask in His work and faithfulness. We think back to the weeds that once stood there and fall at His feet with thankfulness. Thankful that He had and wanted more for us. Thankful He did not give up on us and fought for our love and attention. Thankful He fulfilled every longing and desires. Thankful that He remained there and never left our side. Thankful for His creativity – that His plan is better than we could every have imagined. For in that moment, we realize the momentary pain and time of waiting was worth it. There was joy found in waiting and lessons learned from the weeds. That time was not pointless; God used it all for our good. And how amazing is that? He wastes NOTHING. We start to see the bigger picture and are amazed at how God wove all the little details together.

That garden is worth it.

It’s hard and our hearts will feel like open wounds for a time but we have a Healer with the gentlest of hands and the Author with a heart of compassion, creativity, and wisdom.

So, dear one, please let go. Let go of the “good” and trust Jesus will bring the “best”.

Author: Alena Christopherson
Email: alena.christopherson@gmail.com
Author Bio: Alena can be caught dreaming about mountains & coffee. It’s only by HIS strength. Simply learning what it means to walk in grace & with a servant heart… (preferably with a donut in hand). *** disclaimer: continuously falls short (and on her face sometimes) & in desperate need of the Savior***
Link to social media or website: https://www.instagram.com/alenahope2/


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