Let It Go

Let it go, I did 
Let go of the paint from when you were a kid 
You've grown
You don't have to face obstacles alone
You have learn that some bridges have to be burned 
Some people have to be crossed 
The ultimate sacrifice
For you to live your life 
It wasn't easy no it was not 
Believe me you were never forgot 
I hope you totally understand
Letting go was apart of the plan 
If you hold on to things to long
It makes you feel weak instead of strong 
But hold on you will grow
If you learn to let go
There's so much you can do 
That can be done 
If you just keep holding on
Sometimes you will never know 
Unless you let Go
Let go of everything that has ever stopped you 
Let go of everyone who's ever knocked you 
Let go and let God 
Trust it's not that hard 
You will feel like a weight has been lifted 
You will be thankful
That God has gifted you
Let go let go
It'll help you more than you'll ever know 

Copyright © concetta hardnett | Year Posted 2020

by MissChettaPoetic

The Voice behind the pen
The pen and the paper
The paper and the pen
You can rewrite your story
From the beginning to the end
Erase it , rough draft
Direct your path
Who can explain the pen better
Than Ms. Concetta


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