Let Women Enjoy Things

I think it’s rather ridiculous that women cannot have one thing they enjoy without men complaining about it or trying to invalidate them.

I’m a nerd. I love books, comic books, anime, roleplaying, and I even do the occasional cosplay. I am really into the fantasy world.

There was this audio on Tiktok that I used to make a few videos that said: “I’m sure that it might be good analysis, but if a man has an opinion on this character I already don’t care.” Most of the videos went over well, but I got really negative reception on my Wanda Maximoff one. Two of the guys jumped into my video. One whined that I said men weren’t allowed to have opinions, which isn’t even what was said, but go off?! Another insisted because he didn’t see any criticism of this character that I shouldn’t have made the video as it wasn’t necessary. I told him that I had seen plenty of criticism for Wanda and that it was my page so I was going to make the content that I wanted to. He then proceeded to tell me that he understood my point, but he was here to teach me so that I learned from my mistakes.

What mistake, sir? What mistake?

This audio was making a point that women cannot enjoy characters in fandoms without men jumping in and critiquing their nerdiness or the validity of the characters they enjoy. These gentlemen jumped into my comment section just to prove my point.

My Korra video was generally well received, but there was one guy that insisted “Korra didn’t win many of her fights”. Okay? Did we watch the same show? She may have not won every fight, but would it be realistic if she had? I don’t remember Aang receiving this much criticism when he didn’t win every single fight.

On my Starfire video some guy simply asked me why. Because apparently you have to have well thought out critiques that these characters are completely without flaw and relevant to the series as a whole even though their favorite male characters may not contribute anything or may be some obscure character from a video game that isn’t even in the established lore or canon.

It’s just frustrating that instead of understanding the point this audio was trying to convey, these men decided to make it about themselves and get butt hurt about it instead of recognizing that there is something indeed wrong with nerd culture and culture as a whole.

Men are allowed to enjoy anything they want whereas women are criticized for liking anything whether it be coffee or Sailor Moon. Women should be able to enjoy things without constantly receiving criticism. Women should be allowed to have opinions and be respected for them.

Even if someone disagrees with an opinion they can be respectful and agree to disagree. It’s not that hard.


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