A Letter To The Things That Inspire Me

Dear women around the world,

Thank you for becoming an inspiration to everyone that strives to be brave. To stand up for themselves and the issues that they believe in. You bring a voice to those who need a little more encouragement. You promote self-growth, beauty, confidence and teamwork. With a growing community of activists, business leaders and anyone who has a voice, you are one of my inspirations to be brave and to follow what I love to do.

Dear past relationships,

Thank you for showing me what kind of person I am to myself and to you. We’ve had our good moments and our bad moments. We saw each other’s bad habits while teaching other wrong from right. We understood what it meant to have love and lost then to never love at at all. With all of the experiences, lessons, tears and heartbreak, you are one of my inspirations to continue to show love to the world.

Dear people that I love,

Thank you for still being there when things can go downhill. For letting me know that with faith, anything is possible. For still seeing the best in me when I have those moments of not seeing that in myself. For showing me a tough lesson and from guiding me in ways where I can learn to defend myself in a world where it can get pretty messy.  With the amount of love and care that I receive, you are one of my inspirations to be as supportive as I can to others and to help light their way into greatness.

Dear myself,

Thank you for still growing and learning no matter how hard you thought life treated you. There were times where you lost yourself and you got off track with every little thing that bothered you. Where emotions took over your mind and you couldn’t control it. Where you thought a little discouragement led to a complete failure. But as a reminder, always get out of that mindset and give yourself a pat on the back for every accomplishment big or small that you’ve dealt with. You are doing absolutely amazing and you are doing great things in the world. Your purpose is going strong and nothing is stopping you. Eat your favorite ice cream, listen to your favorite band, treat yourself with a bath bomb therapy and just have fun. With everything that brought you to the present, you are definitely one of my inspirations to continue to show self love and self care.




Author: Della Mangangey
Email: dellamangangey@gmail.com
Author Bio: She’s a marketing major at CSU San Bernardino. Loves dogs, traveling reading, writing, going to food festivals and favors milk tea boba. She aspires to work in a fashion industry that leads the way to sustainability and awareness for garment workers, retailers, suppliers and consumers. Favorite book: Boss Bitch (You should check it out if you like reading about how a girl can kick ass in her career, and she gives you tips on network, business etiquette, and having fun!)


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