Letting go

Letting Go

I dare not hold on any longer

like a flash of lightning before it thunders,

I let your hand slide away through my grip.


It’s always been said that everything happens for a reason including the challenges and the happy moments we face in our lives, for centuries now we are being told that these encounters present us with growths and experience. However, we don’t have a ”Let go manual.” What happens when your mind keeps on reviewing bad experiences, toxic relationships, and past regrets?
When do you get to say “ok, I’m done here and I now deserve a break?” It might seem as if you could never move on and enter a better place but a letting of that consuming energy can be freeing, the only thing you can do is grow from it and let go of the past and everything that depletes your energy.

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by Nicole M

I’m Nicole Moyo,
Born and bred in South Africa currently live in DC.
I’m a creative writer.
Writing is my first love!A part of me.
I hide behind the pen to express my truth and my inner thoughts.

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