life or death
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Life or Death

To my fellow Warriors –

I see you. I feel your pain and sorrow within the deepest corners of my own soul. The struggle, the constant battle that you suit up in your best armor to charge into the field of your own turmoil, I see it. The war wagged against your own mind, the life or death battle that rages within you. I see it. I see you, I understand the silent fight where you emerge from the battlefield, ¬†battered and bruised, head hung low on the worst of days, slowly trying to make sense of it all. To wake the morning after surrounded by the pieces of your life shredded like confetti. I know how it feels trying to pick up those pieces and try again, but somehow there are pieces missing and someone has stolen the glue stick. I see you. The tears that fall in frustrated, confused, apologies for the things you’ve said or done. The mumbled excuses tumbling like rocks into the abyss as to why you’re the way that you are. I see the way you face the day often exhausted and unsure. I see you, and I believe in you. I believe that you can win the battle, just keep fighting. Fight loud or quietly, scared or confidently, you are brave, and you are worthy. You are deserving of happiness, and the truest love. Don’t hide behind the shame of the darkness that haunts you like an unseen monster. Take the power back, and fight on. You are not alone — I see you.

by aeurban

I have a BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University. I have been a freelance writer for eight years, and writing poetry since I was about 12. Poetry has always been a way for me to not only cope with life, but to express the feelings that overwhelm me.


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