Light Work

How do you decipher if something is truly worthwhile?

No scale has been invented to determine this and classify a relationship so, is there a way to avoid being heartbroken?

I will take the liberty to say, one of the greatest feelings in the world and yet the least understood is true love. It’s much easier to get caught up in the feel of things, how it looks on paper or the inverse of that, the look of things and the feel on paper, at this point it just depends on how conflicted you are.

Why broach such a heavily misunderstood topic you might ask?

I think I may have come to understand true love and although there is no real formula to navigating your heart through it, the unconditional surrender it builds in you will lead the way, I assure you. Some of us are meant to have our hearts toyed with to clearly see and value the art that love truly is, and instead of represent the pain we have acquired through this experience, actually transmute this into light and shine the truth for others. It’s quite a responsibility. Some of us identify as “light workers,” but I truly think we all have this light of love, we just have to learn how to turn it on and keep it on.

Not all of us can say that our first relationship was the greatest thing to have happened to us, but we learned something, and because we learned, we grew. Maybe this is what makes something worthwhile, perhaps connections we make are not necessarily made to carry out in marriageable years. It’s okay for people to fall away and for new cycles to begin, it’s okay to release the pain and allow yourself to move forward at your own time, your own pace. It is acceptable to grieve a loss of something or someone in your life, but realize that the part of you that you think is missing is still there, however it is in the shadow.

I’ve been observing the nature of some of my friends, how easy it seems for them to love and let go, as if the next relationship was just around the corner, and healing was a process they could surpass. For me to come to the understanding I have now about true love, I could not escape the healing process, I had to ease my way through the nostalgia, how the memories only seemed to become more and more vibrant every time I revisited them. I had to linger in my shadow for a while to appreciate the light.  I had to clear and detangle the past to be fully present in my own light. I had to undergo drowning in my own tears to achieve a healthy solace with my inner being, a relationship with myself that I finally understood no one else could replace, everything I thought could fulfill me on the outside was the part of me I needed to reattach to myself, like the last puzzle piece.

True love begins with you. You may find that you learn from others and certain men and women have a profound influence over you, please by all means, honor this.  But ultimately, breakups and separation turn you back to yourself, and if you aren’t truly in love with who you are, you might just overlook all that you have to try and find it in another, but it’s an illusion and it’s exactly the kind of deceit you would not want to find in another, the deceit that has you denying that you are worthy and deserve all the tenderness in the world. Don’t turn away from your goodness, don’t turn away from the connection with you to immerse into someone else’s light. Keep yours on and brighten it everyday by creating in you the kind of relationship the Earth has with the Sun, it revolves around it religiously, devotedly, and with purpose. Revolve of love.

by Jaskiran

Jaskiran means Ray of Light. I am on a journey of love and light, and writing reflects all that I am inspired by. Each poem I write, each story is guided by spirit, and has its own ray of color to shed. I trust in the power of the Universe and that each of us are balls of energy, one day we will all immerse and burst into a symphony. It's magic.

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