I resided
Under strange skies
When I was convinced
You were the cure

An antidote cannot be found
For such malaise
outside of
your own soul
But I hadn’t learned that
Quite yet

I didn’t know me anymore
But I wanted to know
as much of you
as I could

I found solace
in your humor
Your frank views
on life and everything
in between
eased the pain
And brought the first
flickers of light
Back in through the dark

Maybe that’s all
we were meant
to meet for

I’ll hang around
and wonder
Feeling it all
leave me
Gone, but not

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by c.gerrity

I started writing at 7 years old making short stories about what I imagined my cats were doing while I was at school, and it's all gone downhill from there.
I like music, mean jokes, and a variety of gas station snacks.
Painfully honest about the messes I get myself into.

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