Little Butterfly


Your precious soul picked this path,
To heal others.
You are such a gift
Because butterflies like you don’t come around often.
Sometimes people may try to step on your wings
Because they are so fragile.
But though your wings are delicate,
Your body, mind, soul, and spirit are strong.

Little butterfly,
There isn’t one day I don’t miss you flying around me,
Spreading pixie dust wherever you go.

Please promise me
That you will always stay true to your heart
Because your heart is so genuine and pure.
I want to hear of you dancing in the field of flowers,
Full of happiness, love, and light.
I want you to know and feel my love for you
Every moment that you may need it.

I can’t tell you how many lives you will touch,
And hearts you will heal.
You have already helped so many and,

Sweet little butterfly,
You have just begun.

Little butterfly,
I hope one day you will fly by me again.
But I leave that up to you
Because you have already touched my heart, spirit, and soul.
Sometimes I cry rainbow tears
When I think of the best times we have had.

But do you know what’s really great butterfly?
Every time I think of you,
And every time you think of me,
We will be together.
The beautiful sky full of sparkling stars and fairies that we live under,
Well, that is the same exact sky.
You look up at the sun or the moon,
And I see the same one that you do.

I love you little butterfly.
I want everything good to happen for you.
I want you to spread your wings so far
That they touch the stars and beyond.
I want you to be a unicorn in a field of horses.
I want sunshine to pour into your heart
Because that is exactly what you are,
A ray of bright sunny sunshine.

Sometimes things happen that hurt our wings.
But at the end of the day,
Nothing can change our heart, spirit, or soul.
My heart has always loved you butterfly,
And my heart always will.

Another butterfly

by maguireke

My greatest passion in life is advocating for mental health. After living through depression, anxiety, and traumatic events in my life, I understand firsthand the pain and suffering that comes along with mental illness, and how it is rarely discussed throughout our society. My goal here is to shed some light on mental illness and work on smashing the stigma we have carried all too long. Thankfully, I am now in recovery for my mental illnesses and I hope to inspire and encourage others to seek treatment and find their light at the end of the tunnel.

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