Little Girl Who Knew How to Dream

Little girl
who knew how to dream.
She believed in anything
she could not see.
This bed was not a bed
but a stage, a scene —
the lights above, they shone so bright,
her voice, her song, a force to shake the night.
Above, the stars call down to her
from the ceiling,
“Starfire, they need you on the moon!”
Three second count, a drum roll
and she pulled all the universe into her one little room.
In the corner — oh no —
that’s not a wall at all
but the main thoroughfare
where’d she lead her band to the ball.
Strings under her little fingers,
she played her melody courageous and brave.
And when the castle caught fire,
she held the keys to the lake.
Her voice, her song, a force to shake the night;
one more drum roll, please, and the dam will break.
Hooray, hooray! This little girl,
a force of 4 feet 3,
set every prisoner of gravity and formality

Little girl
who knew how to dream,
sat under the umbrella oak
and built a world from a tree.

by chasitybleu

Chasity Bleu is a self-taught artist pursuing a degree in Anthropology. She writes poetry, lyrics, essays, and has many novels in progress. She draws inspiration from all the things she loves: the Creator, humankind, Mother Earth, and love itself, representing all these in her art. Her paintings can be seen in We'Moon 2019 and 2020 datebooks, and she also runs an Etsy shop where she sells prints and originals. Find her on Instagram @chasitybleuart.


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