Little Writings From The Lilac Writer: Part Two

Fight for yourself

to be your own risk taker.

Fight for yourself

because sulking in glooming blue

is a NO! NO!

Fight for yourself




Fight for yourself

because the clock is ticking and the dam

that you’ve created that leads to

Sadland – nowhere has overflown.

Fight for yourself

because these battle pillars that you have

planted internally and externally for yourself

are ready to collapse without your knowledge.

Tell me are you going to fight for yourself or refuse to use your growing armour?





This is a sad poem about dream stealers who are willing to unseal jars of dreams that do not belong to them.

This is a sad poem about a few going over the horizon in search of a rainbow but they only come back with puddles and potholes of grey around them.

This is a sad poem about a softly spoken storm wanting to swallow a loud-mouthed hurricane.

This is a sad poem about yearning for a prince who wants a queen not the princess.

This is a sad poem about us, wishing, praying, winning, and losing.

This is a sad poem that no one wants to hear nor read.

– A sad poem in a sad poem in a sad poem





If they don’t support your dreams bite the sting and make it happen.

– You are your own dreams keeper






Author: AM . ALI
Email: aminahwrites00@gmail.com
Author Bio: A Lilac that blooms in the words of fiction.
Link to social media or website: Instagram @aminahwrites

by AM . ALI

A Lilac and her quill.


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