Live Chat: How To Maximise Your Customer Service

Effective communication is essential to building long-lasting customer relationships, and live chat has become a critical part of the customer service toolkit. Providing a platform for customers to communicate with your company in real-time without needing to pick up a phone is a fantastic way to boost satisfaction levels. The live chat button on a website allows for convenient communication for customers looking for advice, customer service, technical support, or sales. Having the right teams in place with proper training in customer service and live chat is vital to making the most out of this service.

What Is Live Chat?

Live chat is a customer support tool that combines real-time conversation and the ability to share links. It is the ideal service tool for customers who need immediate support, and you can continuously improve your services by studying the full transcripts following the customer interactions. Allowing customers to have conversations with support teams via the internet for a variety of needs, they can use the button on your website to send any questions they have to a real person who can reply to them in a short time frame.

Live chat is essential for those who cannot use a phone, such as the hearing impaired. Without these tools, those customers would have to wait for responses to emails which with larger companies are notoriously slow.


There is nothing worse than when a customer tries to use your live chat and doesn’t get a response. Often companies don’t realize the demand for live chat that will come in at all hours of the day, including when your staff have all gone home for the evening. Outsourcing your live chat operators will mean that you are ready to go whenever a customer needs to use your online chat tools. Outsourced operators can offer a specialized and well-trained team available 24/7, meaning your customers will always receive the service they deserve.

Using an outsourced team can also save on costs for small companies that would otherwise be unable to develop a dedicated team that specializes in live chat, helping them offer world-class customer service for businesses in their infancy. Live chat best practices from STAFFVIRTUAL can help you get more information on whether outsourcing is the perfect solution for you.

Improve Response Times

Faster response times are an essential way to maximize your live chat customer service. As a popular tool for customers due to the fact that it connects with your company instantly, response time matters. As your response time lowers, your customer satisfaction rises, and effective live chat agents can handle multiple conversations at once without making customers wait longer.

Set reasonable KPIs for your team to help them maximize their live chat response times; aim for your company to respond within one minute. It may not seem like a lot, but when a customer is waiting a minute feels a lot longer than it does on paper. Manage the initial responses with chatbots to gather information while your customer waits for a live chat agent; this way, your team will know exactly what the problem is before they even reply.

Co-Browsing Sessions

Some live chat tools offer the option to co-browse with your customers; this advanced tool helps your advisors to collaborate with your customers and guide them through filling out forms or applications that they were finding difficult. Using co-browsing sessions can deliver a personal touch to your customer’s experience and makes the conversations interactive.

Taking control of your customer’s screen when they’re having difficulties offers an in-person experience for your customers and seamless communication. You can use this tool to solve issues faster, ultimately driving your customer satisfaction higher by improving your chances of delivering a fantastic first impression, giving them a strong reason to remain loyal to your brand.

Video Chat

Take your live chat customer service to the next level by including the option to video chat; this will make the conversations more interactive and personalized, which will deliver an impressive user experience. In today’s digital world, convenience is essential to living a comfortable life; video chat supports your live chat advisors in providing faster responses that can boost your customer satisfaction and how they view your brand.

Video chat within live chat can reduce the number of touchpoints for a customer and resolve their issues faster; this is particularly helpful if your customer is in need of technical support where your representative can spend more time helping your customer solve their problems.

Record Conversations

Call center staff are typically required to take notes after each call to detail the conversation they had with the customer. Still, with the sheer volume of calls that come into call centers, it can be difficult for advisors to be as detailed as needed, and listening to each recorded call can take hours of human resources. Live chat conversations are recorded automatically and detail the entire conversation into an easy-to-read transcript. These transcripts can help you to improve on any weaker areas of the customer service, adapt scripts or train new staff. Ensure that when your customer opens the chat function on your website, they can consent to the conversation being recorded for training purposes.

Provide Scripts

Even the most skilled live chat agents need help from time to time, and providing scripts they can refer to during difficult conversations can help them give you customers the best service possible. Well-designed live chat scripts allow advisors to deliver prompt responses to customers and handle each exchange more efficiently. When live chat employees know what to say with the proper scripts and phrases, and the chats are managed effectively, you deliver a more consistent customer experience while resolving your customer’s queries.

Scripts are crucial for advisors in training, as preset scripts help them answer customers faster and learn the proper tone for the business. This, in turn, continues to develop the consistency that your customers will expect from your brand. You will find that as the customers’ experiences are increasingly positive, you will attract new customers at a higher rate.

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