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Logic and Emotions

Within every experience, we need to take the experience as knowledge. Knowledge is something we take for granted. The ideas in our minds are heaviness and content filled with wonders. If we forget the experiences we’ve learned, wouldn’t we redo the same exact situation. Wouldn’t we spend time with the same toxic energy filled people from the last time? More heart breaks ahead… More crying nights ahead. 

I wrote so many articles that were eventually placed into the trash bin. Why you may ask? Because my writing made me the victim or someone to cry for. My purpose was never to make me the victim, but because my mentality was living in “I need someone to save me mentality,” I was not maturing. I asked myself a couple weeks back what am I missing? Why am I always feeling this sadness and my life is empty? The answer was because I let my mentality live that way… 

I let my mind drown in emotions than surviving in logic. Logic is the platform to grow. Logic is the space to question our existence and answer the unanswered questions. 

A couple of weeks ago, I worked weeks on a logo where I did not receive recognition. I was rejected after someone taking my idea and making a better version. It seriously was a slap into my face. How a naive girl can be taken advantage of was the sentence I allowed myself to live in last week. It was a lie I was telling myself to live in unhappiness. I made myself feel unliked and excluded one… because I was young for my age. Because no one appreciated my creative ideas. As if the trash bin was waiting next to me, so I can throw the next crumbled up creative idea. However, I am the most knowledgeable within the group I participated in. I felt as if I was not taken into consideration and the one stolen idea from… 

I finally stood up for myself and let people know no one can take my work without credit. It was the liberation of me to finally speak up. I would usually sit in the corner and try to cover the issue aside. It turned out I was running from the issue rather than dealing with it. My ego was letting me do impulsive actions. Impulsive actions are when we do things when our emotions take over us.  What was I always running from? And my answer was running from myself…

Because I never let me speak. Never let my soul do what it feels. I never let my life flow. It was always restricted from the limits life placed us. It was always consumed in other people’s views of life. It was other people’s life ideals. 

Maybe this short lived life is opinionated by other’s way of living. Maybe life is so much opinion based that maybe we can live our own f*cking life. Maybe I can live the life I want! Maybe I can just let me be me! 

This situation of not receiving my recognition led me to rethink my life choices. Rethinking why I was hurt by this failure. To ask myself if I am ready for more failures. Failures are always the tower moments in our life. Failures will continue to arise. Failures are going to make us drop onto our knees and blame ourselves… But blaming ourselves is our brain and our emotions taking a toll on us. If i was told to fail again, I would push myself to allow it happen. Because at least I will die again to grow and learn another version of me!

I stood up for me so you have all the right to stand up for you!

by It.always.heals_

Hello! My name is Asli Erem. Like everyone, I have a story. To be brutally honest I am not someone who started from the rock bottom. But, I do have dreams and passionate ideas that not everyone understands. The feeling of not being understood was evident for me. However, spirituality has completely changed my life and made me understand "it is alright to be different". I always felt excluded and the ugly duckling... but we were born different. There is nothing with that! You always realize this in the hardest way, you simply pick yourself up and continue living life! I'm so excited to connect to you all and express my thoughts. Always here you you all. LOVE AND LIGHT!


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