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Lonely Soul

” Lonely Soul “


I laid down and I felt a ping in my heart.

As I looked at the pictures scattered across

The twinkling lights in my room, it hit me.

“I am all alone, at least, it feels that way.”

That feeling is the greatest sting.

I can’t fully describe the sting.

It radiates outward from my heart

And creates a feeling of bricks

Falling on top of my chest.

The pressure of this releases

Tears from my eyes

And this all happens in the 

Matter of a few seconds.

It happens so fast that

I am not even aware of why I’m so sad.

That’s it.

The emotion feels like sadness.

But not like normal

Surface-level sadness.

It’s a sadness so deep,

It touches my soul.

And that is why it hurts so much.

My soul is longing to be elsewhere,

But the bricks.

Those damn bricks keep my soul

Trapped inside.

My soul is stuck in the spinning pain

Of this one sting.

It tries so desperately to cry out,

But my body chooses to stay silent.

And then the ping from the sting fades,

But the heaviness stays.

It stays until I finally turn off the twinkling lights.

And my thoughts start to slow down.

And my body begins to go numb

To the world for a short eight hours.

But then I wake up.

And the heaviness is still there.

It’s lingered all night.

While my body was recharging,

My mind, soul, and spirit went to war.

And they fought so hard,

Trying to escape my body.

They were hoping this vessel I reside in

Would give out on me somehow.

And set me free from the weight.

Because I don’t want to feel this sting anymore.

I don’t want to be stung and have that

Radiate outward to a thousand bricks

Tumbling upon my chest in the middle of the night,

Releasing a storm of tears from my eyes

As my body tries to recharge

And my mind, soul, and spirit try to fight their way

Out of this war.

That feeling is the greatest sting.

I can’t fully describe the sting, but it’s a pain so deep,

It touches my soul.

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by maguireke

My greatest passion in life is advocating for mental health. After living through depression, anxiety, and traumatic events in my life, I understand firsthand the pain and suffering that comes along with mental illness, and how it is rarely discussed throughout our society. My goal here is to shed some light on mental illness and work on smashing the stigma we have carried all too long. Thankfully, I am now in recovery for my mental illnesses and I hope to inspire and encourage others to seek treatment and find their light at the end of the tunnel.

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