Loneliness is a strange thing.
It makes you wonder where you truly belong.
It makes you think of what could be and what would be, and what should be.
And it always gets the best of me.
I often find myself thinking about the other school.
The one with the friends I’ve known since middle school.
And it makes me sad to know that I’m not there anymore.
And it’s confusing too because I thought I would be happy here.
But loneliness has gotten the best of me.
I hate how I wish I never moved.
Because I remember then I was so happy to leave that place.
But now I feel ashamed that I was.
And that my goodbyes were short if I said any at all.
I sit here now in this newly built palace.
Finally realizing that I’ve left that place.
And though it’s taken me 2 months to do so.
I still feel brand new.
Because loneliness has gotten the best of me.
I hate my new school, I really do.
It seems that no one sees me, let alone see through.
The hatred so bold that I have for this place.
The hope I have to soon leave this space.
But I know deep inside that if I achieve my goals here.
Maybe I can go back there and visit.
But right now, loneliness has taken the best of me.
And so I let it, and I dwell into my memories.
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