My lover is my longing
For she has kept me so much company

Lain by my side
Gangly limbs covering mine

As I wait for another’s arms To embrace this emptiness

My mistress stays
Through these days
Luring my loneliness outward

With her seductive flute

She makes from me
A new object of affection

From all, I cannot have

She surrenders to me
A creativity
That climaxes every time I grasp too tightly to keep

If I cannot have this world
Then she and I will make love
To conceive our own child of beauty

That I alone control

My lady would be lovely If only her gifts were real.

by kjmcbride

Kimberly Joy McBride is an actor and writer based in Los Angeles. Originally from New York City, she received her BA in Theatre from Northwestern University.

She writes poetry, prose, and screenplays, and she once got a joke on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. You can find more of her writing on her blog and Instagram.

In her spare time, Kimberly loves vegan cooking, hiking with friends, learning about psychology, and crying to Florence + The Machine songs. Her cat’s name is Senator, which should tell you everything you need to know about Kimberly.


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