Looking for Ways to Reduce Your Footprint on the Earth – These Green Initiatives Can Be a Step in the Right Direction

Feeling good about yourself and the life you are living is much more than just how you feel in the moment. Self-awareness, acceptance, and love are all part of living a happy and healthy life, but understanding that your actions affect other people around you and the very earth you live on takes things to the next level. Perhaps you’ve worked hard at creating lasting and meaningful relationships in your life with your significant other, family members, and friends, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop there. What about your carbon footprint on the earth?

With the desire to become more mindful of yourself and how you affect the people and the world around you, often comes the desire to do more for the environment. Never before has there been such attention to the environment, protecting the earth, and even leaving it in a better place for the children of today. However, it can seem rather intimidating trying to figure out how just one person, you, can make a difference, but here’s the thing – big changes start with small steps. So if everyone starts taking small steps, big changes can start to occur.

Here we’ll take a look at some of the various ways, both big and small, that you can start to reduce your footprint on the earth and embrace green initiatives in your life.

Find the Joy in Growing Your Own Food

Here’s a trend that is the perfect example of what’s old is new again. We started off as farmers, having to cultivate the land, grow our own food, and fend for ourselves. While you certainly aren’t expected to go back to these times, there has been a real interest in people growing their own fruits, vegetables, and herbs without having to live on a farm.

In fact, today you can even find home hydroponic kits that allow you to build your own small greenhouse, or even kits that are compact and meant for apartment living.You can use LED lights to actually grow a variety of vegetables indoors, which means you aren’t dictated by climate conditions or space limitations outside.

People are finding the act of growing their own food not only satisfying from a green initiative standpoint, but there is a real pride and joy in enjoying something you have grown yourself. No chemicals are used, you know the food is organic and fresh, and you can pick and choose what you want to grow.

Besides growing your own food, you can also reduce your carbon footprint by cutting back on food waste. How many times have you gone to the grocery store, filled your cart, and brought it all home only to find yourself throwing out a chunk of that food at the end of the week because you didn’t eat if fast enough? Buying only what you will eat before it goes bad should be a priority, but if you’re afraid you’ve over-bought then, rather than throw it out, you can use that food as compost.

Installing Solar Panels on the Roof

When it comes to a major green initiative that is going to offer substantial energy, and thereby cost savings to you the homeowner – it’s hard to beat what solar panels can offer. Installing solar panels on the roof will allow you to use the energy generated by the sun to in fact power various aspects of your home.

According to stats and figures, solar panels can save you $10,000-$30,000 throughout the lifespan of the panels. Of course, it will depend on the system you get, how much energy you are able to harness and store, and your local electricity rates. All in all, it is a massive savings to your wallet. Then there is the fact that many state governments offer incentive and rebate programs that will save you money when installing the system initially, driving you towards the decision even faster.

One of the major concerns that homeowners have about solar panels, however, is how they capture that electricity and store it to make up for the days where you don’t get as much sunshine, or during the off-peak hours. Reputable company Semper Solaris has the ideal solution – battery storage.

Semper Solaris doesn’t just install solar panels for customers in the region of Southern California; it’s also known as a battery storage company. The state of California is unfortunately at constant risk for wildfires. They seem to be popping up on a more regular basis, causing more and more damage each time. Power outages are not only being caused by the wildfires themselves, but are happening in advance in order to ward off even more disastrous results. This is making solar panel technology all the more useful, and the battery storage installation a must-have. Homeowners can draw on this back-up source of electricity and power when needed.

Make Some Massive Changes to Your Transportation Methods

Of course, everyone knows just how horrible cars are for the environment, but it’s not always so simple as giving up your car and traveling by foot or bike. Considering the average commute time for Americans is 27 minutes each way, you can’t just give up on a vehicle. What you can do is consider options like carpooling to cut down on the amount of emissions, using public transportation, or if none of these are viable, invest in a car that is more environmentally friendly.

Today, drivers have the option of purchasing full electric cars or an electric-powered hybrid. This means your car will produce zero tailpipe emissions, so you’re doing your part to cut down on your carbon footprint. With that said, not all of these ‘green cars’ are built equally, so it’s important to do your research to be sure you truly find the best green car out there.

Fast Fashion Comes at a Cost

While fast fashion may seem like an excellent way to save money on your clothing, it is proving to be extremely damaging to the environment as a whole. Because these items are trendy and feature styles of the moment, they don’t tend to be well-made or have lasting power in terms of fashion. What’s happening is more and more of this fast fashion is being thrown out and ending up in landfills.

So, what’s the answer? Start investing in quality pieces that act as wardrobe staples. These are items that won’t go out of style, won’t fall apart after a couple washes, and can still be jazzed up and styled to suit your personality. To help extend the lifespan of these fashion staples, it’s also recommended that you start washing your clothing in cold water. This is much less damaging to fabrics, so clothes will stay looking newer for longer.

Another tip is to start shopping at consignment, recycled, and vintage clothing shops – giving discarded items another life.

Feel Good About Your Impact on the Environment

So, as you strive to find that perfect balance of peace, happiness, and self-awareness in your life, taking a look at your carbon footprint can also be included in the process. Changes such as these will make you feel a whole lot better about the impact you are having on the environment.


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