Lost Love

I miss you. 

Your perfect kisses, hands holding my face

Melting in your arms, listening to you breathe

Having tea with you, the scent of your cologne

That way you looked at me, my reflection in your eyes

I long to hear you say that thing you said when you were standing there, looking lost.

But I know you’re not ready.

And I am not quite sure you think about me the same, except for that time

That time I could hear the rain fall, and you gave me your love

I saw it and felt it

I began to fall in love with us

Because I didn’t think I could ever feel love again

And you made me think back

I had this love from a lifetime ago. We saw each other one night. 

The sadness of a funeral was in us both

He said I was the love he never forgot, he had no idea he was mine

We are forever perfect together, because of what could have been

So blissfully happy, then parted ways once again

Now you are that to me, as well. The perfect love. Because we never were. 

Should I ask you if you’d try again when you are ready? 

No. There’s beauty in letting another love escape.  

Better a heart full of hope than a broken one. 

I wonder if you sometimes miss me too. 

But your soul is too beautiful not to set it free

So I understand, and I miss you

Author: Diana Joya
Email: dianajoyawriter@gmail.com
Author Bio: Diana Joya is a writer, children’s book author, speaker and travel writer. She was born in Connecticut and began her career in the insurance industry, which enabled her to go to college part time and receive her bachelor’s degree in Health Administration. Diana’s desire to explore the world, educate others and dream big persevered. Her first trip abroad was when she was just 19, opening up her curiosity for the world. As travel continued, so did Diana’s desire to share her love and experiences with others. A passion for writing in various genres grew, as a result. Diana currently resides in Connecticut. In her leisure time, she enjoys healthy living through fitness and eating, traveling, writing and spending time outdoors.
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