Will you promise me one thing?
Please promise me that you
will never stop singing.
The world will try
to silence you daily.
So promise me to sing loudly,
And remind the world
you have won.

by rovervoll

Rachel is the author of the best-selling memoir, Finding Feminism which depicts her upbringing in fundamentalist Evangelical Christianity and how she broke free. Since leaving the church in her early twenties, Rachel graduated with a BS in Tourism Management from Indiana University. After college, she began a career in sales, enabling her to travel throughout the country. She has actively worked for women's rights, volunteering with various domestic and sexual violence organizations, including "Project PAVE" in Denver. Rachel has also facilitated conversations around religion, feminism, body positivity, and privilege in her community. Since leaving religion, Rachel has considered the open roads her church. She lives in Denver with her rescue dog, Daisy.


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