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Love In Pieces

There is a potted rose with a compact mirror, makeup smeared on the top

Half -eaten chocolate mousse cake, crumbled up tissues

Half smoked joints, ashtrays full of dried leaves

Worn down notebooks, a poetry book covered in scribbled notes

A table covered in crystals, dried paint, and broken wood pieces

Fluorescent lights sparkling in the window with a stack of half written storylines

Nights turning into days,

Turning into nights once again

Songs that make you cry but not cleansing

Time stopped on the clock, although time never stops right?

The future seeming so far off in the distance, that the past could go along for the ride

TV playing in the background, music playlist drowning out the sound

This is your life, broken into disarray

You remember a line Joan Didion once wrote

All the love you have ever felt still lives inside of you

That is why you continue to stare at your phone aimlessly,

Doing unsatisfactory and non-fulfilling activities

Constantly wishing you were over someone,

Realizing, too late, that the love that remains for them

Can never surpass the love you have for yourself

Loving someone that does not love you is heartbreaking,

Not loving you,

Is true betrayal



by Kristina Hopper

A complicated soul, who happens to write poetry

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