Love in the Dark

There is a love that looks like daybreak; 

full of truth and birdsong 

It is made of a light that refuses to end 

and life that never ceases to begin again

It shines on you and you feel yourself grow and heal and breathe and feel

But sometimes, before the dawn,

there is a quieter kind of love 

a gentleness that lets you crawl into bed with it,

when the sky is the blackest it will ever be,

and comforts you with understanding and patience

And if it takes me a thousand days and a thousand nights more,

May I be the one who knows when to be your light

and when to hold you in the dark 

by susurruspoetry

Grace Stevenson is a published poet from Quebec, Canada. She has been writing since childhood. She enjoys being in nature, reading, observing the little details and challenging outdated beliefs through love, truth and empowerment.

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