Love Is

Love is


What is love?

Is love a kiss brushed softly against the cheek as you slumber?

Or is it a birthday card in the mail from a long ago friend?

What is love?


Love is more than a gesture, more than a feeling

Love is the memory of a beloved grandparent

Love is a kind remark sent out of the blue

Love is a comforting hand upon a shoulder


Love is a call on a painful anniversary

Love is careful glance during a difficult discussion

Love is a Zoom call filled with laughter and old times

Love is more than a fancy or a feeling


Love is home.

by alisemorales

I am a Marriage and Family Therapy graduate student, writer, creator, and avid reader. Catch up with my latest reads on Instagram at @bookish.gal.reads or head over to my art profile, @jasperandelm (on Insta and Etsy!). My goal is to help women feel confident and satisfied with their work life, relationships, and self-esteem.

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