Poetry & Art

Loving Me

I will love me unconditionally.
Constantly, not occasionally.
Gently, not hastily
Profoundly, not insignificantly.

You have a choice.
Are you going to stay or go?
Something never pursued is never known.
Leave in the name of freedom, stay in the name of home.
I’m anxious to see the dilemma unfold.

I will love me unconditionally.
Constantly reminding myself that the worthy is me.
Gently letting go of anything that was never meant to be.
Profoundly holding on to my positive energy.

I have made my own choice.
I’ll be here for me if I need advice.
I find comfort in my own voice.

by Crissy DXCII

A married, mother of a baby boy. Love writing poetry and drawing. I hope to excel in both areas.


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