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How to Make My Boyfriend Feel Special on His Birthday? 

As the time before his special day slowly passes, it is only caring of you to be all over the place, figuring out—“how to make my boyfriend feel special on his birthday?”

Well, you’re exactly where you need to be. In this article, we’re talking about numerous special things you can do on your boyfriend’s birthday that’ll make him immensely happy (we have curated 10 lovely birthday gifts for boyfriends as well, have fun!).

girl making her boyfriend happy by surprising him on his birthday

How do I make my boyfriend happy on his birthday?

Life’s most precious gift is time, so the best thing you can do for your boyfriend is to be with him on his big day. Plan dates, prepare meaningful gifts, enjoy with him, and collect more colorful memories of your relationship (don’t worry, we’ll help with part).

“We’ve got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can’t just accept it, leave it in the cupboard, or think it will get on by itself. You’ve got to keep watering it, and you’ve got to look after it and nurture it. 

– John Lennon 

Should you waste your time worrying about what to buy as a gift for him? No, don’t even think of it! Boys value affection, intimacy, and effort more than any materialistic gift you could buy. 

As his birthday keeps getting closer, ensure that you are wearing that natural smile, making him feel loved, caring for him, and expressing your romantic feelings for him! A guy would enjoy nothing more than listening to his lover’s romantic confessions towards him. 

Let us bid goodbye to the same old celebrations and help you figure out how to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday. 

How to make my Boyfriend feel Special on his Birthday? 

Start his special day by surprising him at 12 AM sharp, knocking at his door with a mouth-watering cake in your hands. While many think it is alright to wish someone “Happy Birthday” at any time of the day, being present at 12 AM will assure him of your effortful love! 

You may also use your boyfriend’s interests and hobbies to organize a great birthday party. Call his close friends to show up with some snacks and beer, and throw a fun party at his house! 

This is just the basics anyway; let’s talk about 9 extraordinary ways you can make your boyfriend feel special on his birthday! These tips are the best birthday surprises for him: 

1. Build up excitement 

Aren’t you tired of resorting to the same old celebrations for your boyfriend? Probably yes, and it’s finally time to level up the excitement and do something to make him feel precious. 

By building up excitement, we mean that you should start making lovely gestures towards your boyfriend from the very start of his birthday month. This way, he’ll feel much more valued and important. Afterall, that particular person in your life is celebrating his birthday! 

Here are some enthusiastic tips to help create a joyful and loving environment for your boyfriend’s upcoming birthday: 

  • Take him shopping, and buy outfits you want him to look handsome in. 
  • Make a to-do-list for his birthday month
  • Cook his favorite dishes on your free days
  • Play his dearest video games with him 
  • Be supportive and use all your time to appreciate him 
  • Get more indulge in romantic gestures 
  • A great massage will work too
  • Watch his favorite movies in bed 
  • Set up a bonfire in your backyard, lay down beside it together, and gaze at the lovely stars! 

Doing little things for him throughout his birthday month will make your boyfriend feel special even before the big day has arrived! 

guy getting a massage for his birthday

2. Take him on a pre-birthday date. 

Plan a pre-birthday date to make his birthday even more thrilling, and enjoy quality time with your partner; it’ll make your relationship more devotional and passionate! 

Prepare a date idea for any desirable place he’d like to go to or has been waiting to visit for a long time. Make sure you arrange a birthday setup for boyfriend that he’ll remember for his whole life. Some lovely ideas can be: 

  • A romantic candlelight dinner with a poolside view could be heart-melting. You can go for a sensual swim together after dining! 
  • A movie date with bae. Don’t forget to hold hands and kiss like new couples. 
  • A pool date filled with rose petals, candles, and just you and him. 
  • Why not spend the whole night at home with Netflix and love?
  • Sit by the beach, have a walk, and talk about the mechanics of your relationship. If there have been any past dilemmas, you must sort them out before his day arrives. 
  • Watch a sunrise or sunset together with yummy meals.
  • A bicycle ride to freshen up your moods and boost understanding.
  • Attend a live concert of his favorite artist.

No matter what you decide, planning a pre-birthday date for your boyfriend will help him realize that he’s crucial to you, and his presence means a lot to his significant other! 

3. Go for a long trip together.

Couples who go on long trips together enjoy the blissful freedom that every voyage offers them. They can communicate more continually, create intimate memories, enjoy privacy, discover the world’s beauty, and learn more about their own likes and feelings. 

Moreover, trips help you find things in common as you seek adventures and love in each other’s presence! Plan an outing or trip as a birthday week surprise for boyfriend, full of excitement and surprises. 

Do all the crazy, adventurous things you both wanted to do for a long time. Extreme activities will not only lessen your fear but will also bring you two together. Some of the best adventurous trip activities include:  

  • Go bungee jumping while tied to each other.
  • A hot air balloon ride gives a great view of the city from above. 
  • A long car/bike ride while holding him tight throughout the trip.
  • Rent a yacht/boat, decorate it with heart-shaped flowers and enjoy this beautiful moment with wine. 
  • Try snorkeling and enjoy the depths of life inside the sea. 
  • Go rafting and surfing 
  • Paragliding can be fun too. 

Book a romantic vacation in his favorite city if you’re thinking about what to do on bf birthday. 

4. Ask how he wants to celebrate his special day.

Now that he has enjoyed all the romantic gestures, warm cuddles, and pampering for a month, ask him how he’s willing to celebrate his big day. While it is valuable to stun your boyfriend with gifts and surprises, having an insight into how your boyfriend wants to celebrate his birthday is important. 

couple having dinner together

Ask whether he wants to celebrate with his family, friends, or it’s just the two of you. Try not to put your boyfriend in guilt for spending the day with other people; he should have the right to decide! 

Plan everything according to his wishes, whether it’s an announced party with friends, spending quality time with parents, or a romantic date with you. You can even list possible things to do on his day, and then he can choose one. But whatever his response may be, make it the best ever day for him! 

5. Prepare a love letter for him. 

Love letters are a way to melt anyone’s heart and effects like black magic. You can express your unconditional feelings for him on his special day by writing it in an aesthetic letter. 

Get this metallic printed love letter from Etsy; you can print a vow, poem, or any custom letter for your sweet boyfriend. 

Here are some great quotes that you can write in a love letter for your partner:

“Your love shines in my heart as the sun that shines upon the earth.” – Eleanor Di Guillo.

“My heart is and always will be yours.” – Jane Austen. 

“I like how you make me feel even when I’m nowhere near.”

“I love you, not only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you.” – Roy Croft.

“I need you like a heart needs a beat.” – One Republic. 

“My love for you has no depth; its boundaries are ever-expanding.” – Christina White. 

“If you know what love is, it is because of you.” – Hermann Hesse. 

“I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.”

This cute gesture will surely make him heartfelt, and it’s the best surprise for boyfriend to make him feel special on his big day. Grant him wishes for every hour, and make all 24 hours of his day fun and exciting. 

6. Wish him before anyone else 

Whether in childhood or adulthood, wishing your particular person before anyone else gives you a different level of satisfaction. It brings a great feeling that you’re the first person to congratulate him for another year of love, hard work, and success!  

“I am convinced that material things can contribute a lot to making one’s life pleasant, but if you don’t give your love and proper time to your partner, these material things cease to be important .” A relationship requires more work and commitment than just these materialistic gifts.  

If you want to wish him before anyone else, then make sure you’re there with him the night before, already giving cuddles and having fun. When it’s finally time, tell him how much you love him and wish him a pleased birthday with a big kiss. 

Or, if you’re far away from your lover, call him an hour before 12 AM, and start talking about how ticklish you feel for his big day here. Talk about old memories of the past year, and reignite romantic feelings for the new 365 days he has! 

Trust me, he’ll never forget you wished him first. It matters a lot to guys. 

7. Ideas for boyfriend’s birthday night 

One of the sweetest gifts for your lover could be a surprise cake at night. 

Plan the party stuff like doing some decorations in his room with flowers, balloons, gifts, food, and drinks. Make it even better by inviting some close friends or family members; again, it’s a choice. 

couple celebrating together

Here are some fantastic ways to surprise your lover at night. 

  • Tell him you’ll pick him up from work and plot the small event. This way, he’ll have no idea about the main surprise, as he’ll think you’re taking him on a date for his birthday.

Visit somewhere memorable like the place where you first met or any spot your boyfriend’s heart is on. Then on the way back to the event, say, “I’m so tired; I might doze off here only.” Alert everyone in the birthday group to hide and shout “Happy Birthday” when he opens the door! 

Followed with a boozy night, karaoke sessions, interesting games, and some crazy time, it will make for the perfect gift for your boyfriend’s birthday. 

  • In case you are out of town or in a long-distance relationship, hire a courier service that makes sure to deliver your surprise at 12 AM sharp. You can also rely on a friend for the same! 
  • Another plan: Get ready, bake a cake, buy flowers and be at his doorstep by 11:50. Then, ring the bell at 11:55 and tadaa—a big bang surprise to your love at 12:00 AM sharp. Maybe, you should get an in-house DJ to get this party lit! 

8. Party Ideas for Boyfriend’s Birthday

Organize a themed birthday party with some of your and his close friends. The theme could be his favorite character, color, or specific details to his liking. Afterall, he deserves all the love and to be treated like a king. 

Arrange all his favorite meals, a delicious cake, drinks for a 20-people party, balloons of his loving color, party pops, and all sorts of items. Get color-matching outfits and host an outlandish party to create memorable moments together and dance your heart out to loud music! 

To sprinkle a bit of extra romance to it:

  1. Take the mic and tell everyone how special he is to you and why this day is so important. 
  2. Play some games to make the party fun, like truth or dare. Maybe, set up a cinema in your backyard for the rest of the night.
  3. Always take photos, collect all the beautiful memories and share them on social media! 

Bonus tip* If you’re planning on proposing to him, it’s the right time to make his birthday more special, filled with prospective love and a commitment to life. Go on your knees in front of him and do it with a beautiful ring for his worthy hand. 

9. Grant him a birthday wish 

Instead of getting anything, be the surprise for him and grant him a birthday wish. This will undoubtedly bring so much fun and make your relationship form a special bond, developing stronger feelings every minute you’re together! 

All you have to do is make a classic, naughty wish jar. You can add all the stuff he’s been waiting to do or ask him to fill in that jar himself. Some creative wishes can be:

  • Giving him your credit card
  • Wear his choice of clothes 
  • A blank paper in which he’ll put his wish of choice
  • Be his genie for a day 
  • Join him on his favorite gaming arcade
  • Cook his favorite meal
  • Watch a match with him at the stadium. 
  • Grant him another three wishes for the night. 

15 Birthday Gifts for boyfriend 

Your boyfriend’s gift should be special as your lover is different and has unique preferences. Use your boyfriend’s hobbies and interests to find a great birthday present. 

couple giving each other gifts

If you’re looking for fantastic gifts to surprise your boyfriend, we have some of the cutest gifts for your boyfriend’s birthday. These lovely gifts will surely leave a broad smile on your partner’s face: 

1. Sunglasses 

All guys love to wear sunglasses and look classy when having fun outside or merely walking in a park. They like to match eyewear with their outfits and flaunt their dressing sense to the world! 

This is why sunglasses are one of the perfect gifts for your boyfriend. Try to find the one that best fits and suits your lover’s face. If his face is round, go for rectangular or square frames to offer a great appearance. If he has a broad forehead with a narrow hairline, then go for some wider-shaped or square frame glasses. 

Nonetheless, sunglasses never go out of fashion, so it’s a stylish in-budget gift for your hot boyfriend. Glasses USA has sunglasses for every face; you can get all the perfect goggles from there! 

Click here to buy these stunning glasses from Glasses USA. 

2. A Scalp Massager 

Who doesn’t crave a long, soothing hair massage that comforts your head and frees you from the world’s tensions? 

This portable scalp massager is perfect for your boyfriend’s birthday; I can assure you he’ll come crawling to you every night, cutely asking for a hair massage. 

Renesmee head massager comes with rubber beads stuck over each spindle that glides through your scalp producing a euphoric feeling every single time you move it on a person’s head. 

I’ve personally used it; it leaves you with an extraordinary vibration in your body and goosebumps rising out of your skin. This head massager is nothing less than heaven on earth for many people! 

3. Sneakers 

Undoubtedly, boys’ love for sneakers and shoes is endless and keeps on growing! One primary reason behind this is that footwear holds a status symbol in public, and people worldwide collect different sneakers to style with their clothes. 

If you buy the latest pair of kicks or any high-end fashion shoes for your boyfriend, he’ll literally start worshiping you! I’ve found Restocks to be a great shoe store on Instagram; you can find every good-looking shoe in one place! 

4. An Apple Watch  

If you’re looking for a decent gift for your boyfriend, this will surely amaze him. An Apple watch is a techy gift; it will help him track his health and fitness, listen to music offline, and also text you from wherever he is! 

Every time he sees the watch, your texts will remind him of you and help you guys get closer. You can always leave a message and ask him not to get late again. 

Click here to buy this apple watch from amazon, or you can buy it from any nearby Apple store. 

However, if you don’t have a budget for an Apple watch, you can go for other brands like Vortic, Rolex, Weiss Watch Company, etc. 

5. A Bar Tool Set 

To win your boyfriend’s alcoholic heart again, blindly go for this gift. This unique bartender kit—22 Piece Cocktail Shaker Set will stun him as it comes with ice tongs, a cocktail shaker, a strainer, a bottle opener, bottle plugs, and a rack to hold them all in. 

If you want to convert your house into an excellent bar counter or upgrade it, give it a shot. Buy this shiny black bar set on Amazon! 

6. A Unisex Fragrance 

“He had preserved the best part of her and made it his own: the principle of her scent.” – Patrick Suskind. 

A sweet-smelling scent is one of the best birthday gifts you can get for your boyfriend. I guess everyone knows the power of smelling good as it leads to attraction and intimate moments. 

Find the perfect fragrance for your lover to make him feel confident and fresh all the time. Buy a Sunday Cologne Eau De Parfum from Neiman Marcus here

7. Scotch Porter Kits 

“Transformation is a powerful concept. It’s the feeling you get when the barber finishes a fresh cut, removes the cape, brushes you off and hands you the mirror to reveal the cleanest version of you. Like magic, your swagger soars to 100, and you’re ready to take on the world.” — Scotch Porter. 

These useful gift hampers from Scotch Porter are impressive and can bring great style to your boyfriend. He can better groom himself using Scotch Porter’s multipurpose, handmade grooming products that solve men’s real self-care issues. 

Explore a wide range of self-care products for your boyfriend here at Scotch Porter! 

8. Amazon gift card

Keep it simple, and give him an Amazon gift card so that he can decide what he wants to have for his birthday. He might have many saved items on his wishlist, so an Amazon gift card will help him finally order those items! 

Buy it here on Amazon

9. A woven bracelet 

Not every guy likes jewelry, but if your boyfriend likes to flaunt his skin with stylish accessories, this cute black leather wrap bracelet from Nordstrom is a subtle choice! 

Explore some of the finest bracelets for your lovely man here! 

10. A Massaging Wrap 

It is true to say that massages are the best gifts for a boyfriend. A good circulation massage will offer him a relaxing feeling and convey how much you care for the person’s health and comfort level. 

This Cordless Neck Back Massager with Heat is available on Amazon and feels like someone is giving you an effective shoulder rub. So, go for it! 

11. Mini picture frames 

Buying him cute photo frames to showcase your memories together is the best way to make this day more joyful. And even if you don’t have good pictures together, you can click them now with the Instax mini camera. 

12. A personalized men’s wallet 

A customizable men’s leatherette wallet is an amazing gift for your boyfriend as you can engrave his name or initials, any monogram, and also add a short love message for him on the inside flap of the wallet. 

The seller lets you personalize this stylish wallet by engraving your favorite catchphrase, love quote, or an inside joke! The best part is that your custom message can be 5 lines big (2-4 words per line), leaving you much space for personalization. 

Get it here on Etsy! 

13. Modoker vintage laptop backpack 

The perfect gift if your guy is a traveler. And even if not, it’s a functional everyday-size backpack that will come in handy whether he goes to school, work, weekend get-away, biking, camping, gym, travel, etc. 

This vintage laptop backpack comes with 6-compartment storage, making it a great fit to store some electronic devices like a laptop or speaker. Moreover, you can even charge your devices while walking with an external USB charging port & set-in charging cable. 

Click here to buy this vintage laptop bag from Modoker on amazon!

Bottom Line 

The tips mentioned above are the most useful if you’re thinking—how to make my boyfriend feel special on his birthday. If you follow these boyfriend’s birthday tips closely, we can assure your lover will be the happiest of all! He’ll feel as if he’s on top of the world with the most perfect girl beside him. 

As for birthday gifts for boyfriends, pick any item that matches your partner’s personality. When looking for a gift, you must always observe how this purchase could be meaningful for that particular person. Try to get something relevant or helpful if you want to make him feel special on his birthday! 

If he has been mentioning his love for music, give him Apple Airpods. If he wants to get fit, give him a gym membership or essentials so that he can transform into your aesthetic king. If he is a foodie, take him to his favorite restaurant or buy his lovable meals all month. 

I mean to say that when you’re looking for a gift, make sure it has some significance for your boyfriend; this is the only way to find the perfect gift! 

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