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It’s about the denial of safe space, the unnerving sense they might hit any place at any time…

Our idea of terrorism is composed from the perspective of victims, government, and media based on what makes sense to us: the “sane” and “normal” people. However, the painful yet much needed to be addressed issue is:

How do we make sense of those who commit these horrendous acts of violence?

Many will dismiss this question, because they will not wish to engage with any sort of understanding of people who bomb innocent civilians—I recognise that—it’s far easier to brand violent persons as psychopaths. Nevertheless, demonising will not wash the stain of terrorism from our public spaces or our own minds.

The majority who commit acts of barbarity are not mentally ill. Often, they are lured into a movement during their teenage years by groups of recruiters who romanticise their cause. This information is profoundly important because it makes us aware of how we can curb their actions. People who are more open to terrorist recruitment and radicalisation tend to:

◇ have friends or family sympathetic to the cause

◇ feel the need to take action rather than talk about the problem

◇ feel angry, alienated, or disenfranchised from the world around them

◇ believe engaging in violence against the government is not immoral

◇ believe their current political involvement does not give them power to impact real change

◇ believe joining a movement offers social and psychological rewards such as adventure, camaraderie and a heightened sense of identity

I am not justifying their actions; I am condemning all acts of terror (both West VS. East and East VS. West). That being said, we cannot ignore the need for social change, and the only way to change anything in this world is a slow process of forming balanced arguments and cooperative conversation.

As for Mancunians, (myself being one of them), we are so proud to live in such a diverse and multicultural space

we are fortress of hope

a castle of creativity

and a city that embodies the essence of human spirit

please, don’t look back in anger.


Author: Gabriella Tavini
Author Bio: ✏︎  w r i t e r
adventure ・ forever curious ・ truthseeker
?debut novel release 2018
? writing in Manchester, England
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✏︎ w r i t e r adventure ・ forever curious ・ truthseeker ?debut novel release 2018 ? writing in Manchester, England

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