Mannequin life

Cowards we are,
Lacking the courage to speak the truth.
Covering our deepest
Too ashamed of
the scars
to allow the wounds to
They sink within
Infecting a new self-identity.
We long for healing. But
No magic pill or lipo to instantly provide…
The cowards we are..
Makes Hope seem dangerous
So trade it for despair.
We chose what is safe
Only speak when we are sure we are not wrong.
To become a mannequin
Watch life stroll by
Through our clear prison wall.

by Katpeeps

Katherine and her two dogs live in Narnia, which she's currently found in Atlanta, GA. She believes all true art is incarnational and life was meant to be our greatest work of art. She received her two dogs in the city of Houston and her BA in English from its university (University of Houston).


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