March Tarot & Animal Medicine

Firefly Spirit + The Hierophant  

There once was a young firefly who, despite all his yearning, had yet to manage to turn on his light. He didn’t understand; it seemed to come so easily for all the other little fireflies—one night, they all just turned on, and sadly, he was left in the dark. Firefly figured he just hadn’t talked to the right mentor fly at this point; he figured that must be the secret, that the knowledge of the light must be passed down from someone who knew before. So, he spent all of his days and all of his nights traveling from firefly to firefly, seeking the knowledge he required in order to shine bright like the others. Yet no one could tell him; no one was able to advise him on how to light himself up. “We just do!” they would all respond. And so, for days and weeks, Firefly flitted about gloomily wondering who he needed to seek in order to be granted the ability to turn on his light.

One evening, Firefly came across a small clearing and saw many other fireflies buzzing about, brightly lit and glowing. As he approached, hoping to find the right mentor fly to show him the key to the light’s mystery, he sensed an urgency and dread amongst the other flies.

“What’s going on?” he called out to the other flies.

Frantically, another firefly buzzed around him, his glowing end lighting up in panic, “They’re coming! They’re coming for us! They have glass cages and are trying to catch us for themselves!”

Firefly didn’t understand at first, but then he looked around and saw dark shadows walking across the clearing. He couldn’t make out much of the shadows except for what was in their hands: glass cages filled with flashing light; glass cages filled with fireflies.

Firefly didn’t even think before yelling out, “Quickly! Dim your lights and they won’t see!”
Because of his unlit glow, Firefly had never run into this issue and knew what the captors were after. All the fireflies went dark and eventually, soon after, the shadows went away.

“Thank you!” they all praised Firefly. “Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!”

Firefly scoffed at this and grumbled, “What wisdom do I have? I was hoping you would be able to share your wisdom with me!”

“What wisdom is that?” the other flies all pondered in unison.

“The light!” Firefly shouted. “How do I create the light?”

One of the smallest little flies buzzed up to Firefly and said softly to him, “You have the light within, don’t you see? Look, Firefly, look and see.” In the aftermath of the attempted capture, Firefly had failed to notice that a faint glow was coming from his backside. “It was because of you that we are safe, and it is because of no one other than yourself that you now glow,” she added.

Firefly began to feel it more and more. He realized that he trusted himself in a moment of need, and that this is what truly began to help him to turn on his own light. Now, Firefly joins the others brighter and brighter each day, knowing that he carries the knowledge he requires within himself.

We have this tendency to seek validation outside of ourselves. We look to others to validate our own value and worth, unable to trust this for ourselves, often requiring permission from others to believe that it is true. We tell ourselves stories that devalue our own internal instincts and abilities; we wait on bated breath for external sources to validate our gifts; we seek mentors, teachers and guides; we feel the need to acquire all kinds of certifications or accreditation’s before we believe we can ever be considered knowledgeable. This month, the cards ask you the question, “Who knows you, better than you know yourself?” The answer to which is, of course, no one. There is no one person on this Earth who can understand your thoughts, beliefs, feelings or ideas better than you. There is no third party who truly knows your gifts or abilities better than you know them. And there is no external source who is an expert in your life like you already are.

Stop searching without, and turn within, instead.

The Hierophant frequently appears in the form of a mentor or guide, someone who can help ferry us along this leg of our journey and acquire the knowledge and wisdom necessary to move into the next. And while I mean no slight to the other people we turn to along the way for support or guidance, we often overlook the very mentor who knows us best: ourselves. Because the truth is, nobody else knows your past or your present like you do. Nobody else understands the trials and tribulations you have already been through. Nobody else gets exactly what you need to move ahead. But you do. You have already made it through your own past, to carry on and stand where you are today; you are presently living your current circumstances and know exactly what it feels like, and you know exactly what is required of yourself to create the future you desire.

So, by all means, pick up the guides and mentors you require along the way, but I urge you this month to trust yourself as your greatest spiritual guide. Look within and see your own potential for what it truly is; grasp that spark, turn it on for yourself and don’t ever turn it off. Once the spark of Firefly Spirit’s has been lit, he is able to grab hold and create the life he desires. He is able to feel into his own energy and use it to empower himself. The cards urge you to do the same by tuning into your own guidance as a teacher, mentor and leader. You already possess all the knowledge and ability, you just have to be brave enough and ready to seek it out and listen.

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by Kim

Kim is a social worker, writer and intuitive reader. She has used the tarot to reconnect with her spirituality and engage in deep self-healing. She hopes to lead others to do the same. Kim is an advocate for mental health, wellness and authenticity. By day she works as a social worker in an educational setting; by night she reads tarot, makes magic, and cuddles her dogs.

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