May Tarot Message: The Tower

“It’s Gonna Be May” | THE TOWER

Our tarot pull for the month of May (aka Justin Timberlake’s favorite month) is The Tower.

Ah, the dreaded Tower card. I still react with a slight gasp and an “Oh god” whenever it comes up in a reading. But why? (Maybe it’s something about people falling from a burning tower and the striking of lightening…I don’t know..)

The Tower traditionally represents unexpected change and deep upheaval.  It can be the card of ‘we interrupt this broadcast to bring you a direct dose of some life altering shit,’ which is more than often not consciously welcome on our part.

On the subconscious or soul level though, we may be desperately desiring the energy of the Tower to come into our lives.  It is shake up.  It is break through.  It sure isn’t boring.  Sometimes, it’s even miraculous.  My optimistic self likes to consider this pull an act of revelation of the deepest and therefore most rewarding kind.

The Tower in perspective for May 2018

In the Death card, which precedes the Tower, we allow for a transformation to take place. We release from previous comforts, shedding the old to make space for the new.  In the Tower, we face the natural resulting changes that this surrender opens us up to. We can think of Death as a doorway and the Tower as walking through to what is on the other side.

The terrifying thing about the Tower is that we just don’t know what’s on the other side, or what’s going to happen. But we’re kidding ourselves if we think we ever do.  It’s natural to project fear onto the future, just like it’s natural to shape the dark with our projections. As our lives happen, we inevitably handle what arises.  It’s how we handle it that puts our signature on the experience.

“Can I sail through the changing ocean tides? Can I handle the seasons of my life?” – Fleetwood Mac

This is where the old adage comes into play, about it being less about what happens to us and more about how we respond to it. How we shape our perspectives. How we handle the raw materials in our present circumstances.

I don’t mean handle like having all of our life together in a clean, presentable, instagram feed way. Handling things can take many different forms.  It’s not always pretty or nice or packaged. To me, the message feels more like encouragement for us to commit to ourselves the path of least resistance.  Can we allow the forces that are shaping us to do their thing this month?

We’re moving through the heart of Spring; a time for new, unexpected energy to come forth. Can we allow the story of our lives to happen to us?  Can we let go of our own agenda enough to go with the flow?  Can we let the river of time take us on a float downstream?

Some helpful imagery may be imagining road blocks revealing hidden pathways or running a race and seeing the hurdles morph into spring boards.  These things are all in perspective, and keeping the serving viewpoint is key.

Miracles in Waiting

There’s another element to the message of the Tower, and that is one of miraculous grace.

What’s waiting on the other side of the door can be magical, mystical and delightfully unexpected. While we are naturally inclined to fear change, it is the Wheel of Fortune that brings in life’s cycles and seasons.  What goes up, must come down, and what is down will turn up.  The Tower may bring us something special that we have been awaiting or something really cool that we didn’t even know we wanted.  Gratitude and reverence for the mystery of life are always allies, but they are star players when it comes to times of transformation and change.

There is beauty in allowing what will be to unfold. Changes are the hidden gems woven into the fabric of our experience on earth. Let them happen and watch your tapestry sparkle with awe and possibility.

Sarah McAllister is an artist and tarot reader in Southern California.  To book a Skype Tarot Reading or to learn more about Spirit Cell, visit www.spiritcelltarot.com.  You can also follow her on instagram @spirit.cell


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