Maybe This Time

Maybe This Time

” Maybe This Time “

Maybe this time
My dream won’t be just a wish
Maybe this time
My dream won’t be just a fantasy
Maybe this time
My dream won’t be just delusional
Maybe this time
My dream won’t be just a picture in my head

Maybe this dream will come to reality
Maybe this dream will give hopes
Maybe this dream will make all sense
Maybe this dream will draw my future

Maybe this very last time, my dream won’t be just a dream


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by mathildeclemencepersonne

Mathilde is a writer in counseling who shares advice (and stories) with a pinch of humor since she's got inspired by Doctor Who for a long time now. Therefore, she follows most of the time the Rule 27: Never "knowingly" be serious. However, she secretly wishes any women out there could see the gorgeous individuals they all are, without being afraid of not matching with the wrong expectations drawn by society. She is a collector of all her memories that build the map of her mind and help her to develop different skills to guide other women.


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