Me and the Devil

Me and the Devil

Ah, the pain doesn’t end

I’m promised a cessation;

A lifetime of pills

and it will all be

in the past.


All in the past..

gone like the winds

Of the winter before

I came to life

Gone like that Tom Petty song

rattling out of my radio

on repeat

As I drove through the rain


Gone like your eyes

holding the key

to my happiness


But it’s still here

It throbs within me

Pulsing and burning

tearing through my skin

Killing things within me

Taking away my comfort

My peace of mind

Functionality of my vital organs

Gone, gone, gone


The devil that lives within me

eating me alive

From the inside out

Infection crawling through me

Making me dizzy

Making illness violent

Making me mad


Why won’t it heal?

Why won’t it leave?

The pain, constant pain,

could bring me to tears

If I wasn’t so surly


When will the tides

pull back;

when can I

sleep again?

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by c.gerrity

I started writing at 7 years old making short stories about what I imagined my cats were doing while I was at school, and it's all gone downhill from there.
I like music, mean jokes, and a variety of gas station snacks.
Painfully honest about the messes I get myself into.

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