Meet the Luxury Fashion Influencer: Nurce Erben

How It All Started

Background: Nurce’s mother was a fashion designer, and she was born inside the fashion world. She recalls earlier memories from when she was a 4-year-old running around with her mother’s pearls. “That’s when my pearl and classics obsession started,” says Nurce. “My mother was always the most creative and colorful person who could wear 10 different colors and materials together, whereas I am a much more classic person. I still dress as if I was born in the same era as Chanel, and Chanel’s sworn enemy Dior.” She loves the classic style with a twist of modern and trendy, which allows her to be distinguished with her authentic style and personality in the fashion world. Following the latest fashion trends, she created her own style by mixing high street with high fashion brands, which appeals to a wider audience, as it’s fashionable, as well as affordable.

Beginnings of Blogging Journey: Having a degree and masters in Business and Online Marketing from London School of Economics, she first created her own online travel company whilst starting her blog back in 2015. Over time, she had to make a choice, and she chose to be true to what she loved the most and became a full-time blogger in 2017. Since then, her blog London Fashion Story has a highly engaged community of 100,000 people following her life and fashion journey.

Her Blog: London Fashion Story

London Fashion Story: Nurce is the creator and editor of the London Fashion Story. LFS focuses on a mix of luxury and high street fashion, beauty and lifestyle. She’s worked with numerous brands including Tag Heuer, MCM, Karen Millen, Jimmy Choo, Russell & Bromley, L’Oreal, Oscar de la Renta, AUDI, Penhaligon’s, Charlotte Tilbury, Nespresso and many more. With over 100,000 followers, she writes weekly blogs on her website and on her social media page. She uses natural and pastel tones on her imagery and creates high quality and artistic images for her blog’s content. She attends fashion week twice every year and includes the newest fashion advice from the fashion world on her blog.

She was featured in Forbes as one of the most successful young female entrepreneurs of 2018, along with regular appearances in Daily Mail, Evening Standard and Life Magazine. She’s been featured in international press articles, as well as on the covers of national Turkish newspapers: Hurriyet, Samdan and Posta. She attends several events each week and is a recognized name in London society along with her blog, London Fashion Story. Examples of recent events she has attended: British Fashion Awards, Cartier, Tag Heuer x Cara Delevigne, Zenith Watches and more.

Shift in Blogging Industry: When Nurce started in 2015, the fashion industry was much tougher for an influencer because people would not take the power of digital influence seriously. Now in 2019, it became a full scale, powerful industry with 1000% proven impact on brand awareness and sales, as it is digital word of mouth. Nurce gave a conference on her blog and the shifting trends in influencer marketing in November 2018 to high profile brands including Amazon, Rolex and Pandora. She underlined statistics, like how the marketing budget allocated to influencers will be over $1.5 billion in 2019—almost double the figures of 2018. This is due to the powerful impact and sales results of influencer marketing, and the fact that consumers trust influencers more and more as they see them as authentic personalities and experts in their fields in fashion, beauty or travel.

Website and Social Media

Nurce’s Instagram: @nurceerben








Nurce’s Blog: London Fashion Story

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