Meet the Woman Changing the Stationary Game

Karina Parris owes her creative inspiration, in part, to a broken finger. After a waitressing accident left her on disability, the artist began her illustrating venture. While at home, her artistic hobby quickly found a greater purpose. 

“At first it was just random things that came from my imagination, then it was things I saw all around me,” Karina reflects, “And finally while looking at magazines I started drawing the likeness of the women I saw.”

From there, Lovely Earthlings was born. 

Much like the artist herself, Karina’s work includes warm, vibrant personalities. 

Her creative pursuit came with distinct intention – to confront the underrepresentation and misguided beauty standards of women in illustration. This inclusivity in art has been a central aspect of Lovely Earthlings, leaving the creator with endless possibilities.

“My original inspiration was drawing women that look like me: black, tall, and athletic. Over time I got inspired by all the other hair textures, shapes, and shades that women came in.”

Karina’s work is a true demonstration that activism has no set structure, and can include upbeat illustrations of fabulous women living colorful lives. Her purpose is clear: for women to know their value.

“Diversity is important to me because all women can get to see themselves in my art. It lets them know that I see their beauty, and now the world does too.”

To check out the world of Lovely Earthlings, follow Karina on instagram @LovelyEarthlings or visit lovelyearthlings.com. Original artwork is available on etsy, and orders can be placed for custom illustrations through her website. 


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