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Oh good heavens my dear..

I’m not crying for you

Or me

I’m crying for the memory of what never was

The memory stripped away from my core that reduced me to futile space to help brighten your light

You know nothing but what you are and strive to be

I don’t long for that which you never gave

The time which you never kept

Compassion which you never felt

It’s okay my darling

The tide is coming

And will wash away all the lonely footprints on the shore

by AnaiseRose

Hi All!

I'm a Healthcare professional by day working with the pathology IT team for a cancer institution. In my spare time (pre-covid) I taught at a volunteer dance program to teach young girls. I also help to coordinate open mic spoken word events.

In my spare time I love watching thriller/horror movies, reading contemporary and mystery literature, singing karaoke, listening to singer-songwriter music, and writing poetry.

I love artsy and book-ish events and love to attend these things in my spare time while making the movie theater and Barnes and Noble my second home :). Also have gotten back to my video game roots in quarantine :). I have an obsession with anything rose gold and sentimental quotes/artsy magazines that contain them. I also love traveling in my spare time and have been to several different countries!

I love that poetry leaves an everlasting imprint and can delve into someone's emotions without always revealing too much. This also leaves room for interpretation for each person to create their own meaning which makes it that much more special. I've been through a lot of personal health struggles recently and this has been a great outlet to help me connect with those emotions.

This reminds me of a quote I love from the book Eleanor Oliphant by Gail Honeyman. It reads: "Tiny slivers of life--they all added up and helped you to feel that you too could be a fragment, a little piece of humanity". That's how I feel about poetry and how it connects us to our feelings and the universe


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