Oh! My old me, I miss you so badly,

The laugh of yours so pure.

Chocolates which you used to love madly,

Going to preserve it for sure.


Your weird dress up- belly pants & crop tops

Your bangs, short hair & flip-flops.

Rainy season you used to feel in your hand,

Drop by Drop.


I still remember, everyday you used to play a lot

Hide & seek and all those goofiness,

Playing in every seasons- winter cold & summer hot.

Thinking you are the winner that lead to greatness.


As you grew up, everything changed

From your hobbies to your passion.

I compare myself with my old me,

Trueness & Newness of my life.


But still I’m going to preserve it for sure

Which will make me alive.

A small moments of my past,

Simply called Memory.




Author: merinamulmi
Email: meri97na@gmail.com
Author Bio: “There is no one who can do better than ME” ~inspiring myself.





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