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Mental Health and Christianity

Growing up as a young christian girl, not to mention a pastors kid, in a town where everyone knew each other, there was always a pressure to appear perfect. It was as if everyone was living in their own little bubbles avoiding the giant elephant in the room.

As someone who struggled with depression, I found comfort in knowing God was there for me, but one of the greatest problems I faced was not having anyone else to talk to. That is how real the fear of perfection had become in my life.

Walking in to church on Sunday morning, I would look around at all the other families with jealousy, wishing my life could be like theirs. But, that is the danger in comparing yourself to others.

In a christian community, we should be the ones to welcome knowing down the walls of perfection and facades. We are taught Jesus healed the sick, those who knew they needed help, and He saw their faith. So why would we shame someone into silence, if we really believe Jesus is closest to the broken-hearted?

After all, aren’t we all a little broken?

Why, instead, do we choose to ignore the fact that we may need help? Some people say mental health isn’t real, it’s all in your head, or it’s because you’ve sinned. In reality, none of those things are true.

Jesus never turned anyone away. So why would we shut our own doors to those who need Him most?

It’s so important to have these conversations because I was once a young depressed girl feeling so isolated in church, the one place that should allow me to be free. It’s time to break down the walls and realize God never called us to perfection. He called us to echo His love with open arms.

by esthergonzales75

I am a New Jersey based poet who aspires to share my story through poetry and prose focused on faith and my journey with depression. I have overcome many obstacles and I believe everyone has a story to tell, even if they haven't found the words yet. I hope my words can inspire others to believe in their purpose and to find strength to climb the next mountain.

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